Thursday, 21 May 2015

Our half term plans...

Wow, it doesn't seem that long ago that we had our last half term does it? Where did that time go? You can see what our plans were here...
We have two weeks off, which is great, as the second week is usually quieter, as some schools only get the one week. So what do we have planned?
Well, if you follow the blog regularly, you will know Geronimo is here this weekend. We shall be starting half term off with a bang, and getting stuck in at the festival.

We shall then have a day of rest to re-cooperate, and for general around the house/garden play, whilst I cook a big roast for the in-laws. Nothing beats a family get to gether over a home cooked meal.
We will then be off to the National Adventure Farm, where they have different half term activities again. With the wild and deadly week... will the girls be brave enough to hold spiders?
We have a day meeting up with a good friend and her boys, who want to come and see Dave The Dragon. Who we re-homed from their uncle, due to relocation. We are unsure if we will be doing a walk up The Cloud, or visiting Biddulph Gardens, or just a play day yet.
We are also super excited about surprising the girls and taking them to Lego Discovery Centre. They are really into the Lego at the moment, so it will be good to revisit now they have the new Duplo Farmyard section. We last visited over a year ago, which you can read about here.

If you are still looking for more ideas on what to do this half term in the North West, check out my other half term activities posts....

What are your plans for this half term?


  1. The National Adventure Farm looks a great place to go, hopefully the weather will be great! xx

  2. Oh goodness, what a lot you have planned. My kids are only off school for a week - sadly (she says, with tongue firmly in cheek!). They're staying with the in-laws for a few days, while I visit my parents, sans kids! I think I timed that trip rather well ;). Seriously, though, a trip up to London and perhaps Hastings when I get back. Tx


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