Saturday, 23 May 2015

Revolution Bar, Food and Cocktail review

Friday nights usually consists of myself in my pj's when the girls go to bed, and occasionally with a cheeky vodka and coke, with a film on the TV. How times have changed since parenthood, and settling down to married life. So, when Wilmslow Revolution bar invited myself and a guest to come and review them on a Friday evening, I quickly glimpsed to see if Daddy M was around for "babysitting" duties,  and snapped their hand off. A catch up with A from 3boyshubbyandme, with no children around, a cheeky cocktail, and good food was well over due.

I love the fact that the bar has a dress code of no trainers, or branded clothing, this meant I had to make an effort and step away from my home comforts. Both of us enjoyed popping slightly nicer clothes on, some heels and a bit of make up. It made us ready for a great night out.
When we arrive mid cocktail happy hour, which turns out to be several hours. (Friday 5-9pm) We were told that its 2-4-1 on selected cocktails. The list was huge, and we were encouraged to buy two of the same, to make use of the deal. Unfortunately we were both driving, so could only have one each. We chose carefully, which took a while as the drinks menu was so large. A chose a porn star martini, which comes with a prosecco shot, and I tried an Amaretto sour for the first time ever. I think I have a new favourite drink. The hit to the taste buds was intense, and amazing.
The atmosphere was buzzing with laughter and loud chatter, with some great music, just instantly made us feel like we wanted to smile. The positive atmosphere is contagious.
After we ordered our drinks, we chose what we wanted to try from the menu. There was so much to choose from again. It had a street food style, but with a difference. We were recommended several meals like the Macphilly cheese steak sandwich, if we wanted carbs, or to cure a hangover, or the chicken Katsu curry. Instead, we decided to try something different on the menu
For starters we shared the street food crate. This could easily of been our meal when it came out, so unless you have big appetites, I wouldn't recommend this as a starter between two, but instead a meal.
It came with two pulled beef sliders, dough dogs, BBQ crackling puffs, which I think were pork scratching's. Buttermilk fried chicken, along with three sauces, and viper coated chips, which were so fluffy and moreish, all served creatively within a crate.
After our starters, we were asked if we wanted our mains coming out straight away, or whether to wait a bit. I thought this was a really nice touch, it made us feel welcomed, and not rushed. We decided to wait a little, and enjoy a good natter whilst the first course went down. When our mains did arrive, I knew instantly I would not be able to finish it, the portions were on the large side again.
I ordered a pulled pork burrito, whilst A ordered a Brooklyn chicken burger. We ordered some coleslaw on the side along with some onion rings.
Both mains were really nice. We were tempted to stuff ourselves stupid, but wanted to leave room for a pudding between us. After all, I had been eyeing up the salted caramel fondue all week. We couldn't enjoy a pudding each, so instead decided to share again. The pudding arrived as a platter with fresh fruits, marshmallows and sweet dough sticks, with a chocolaty dip in the middle. It wasn't the fondue I had in my head, but it was still nice. The fruit made it a really light pudding which finished the meal off nicely.
We really did need rolling out after our huge meals. Everything just looked so good. The table next to us ordered a hot dog. It came fully loaded with toppings. I overheard him saying to his partner that he could imagine himself eating it in Germany. Well that says something considering they are famous for their Bratwurst.
Next time I return I will make sure I am not driving so I can make the most of the 2-4-1 cocktails, and maybe just stick to two course's so I wont need rolling out. Have you eaten at Revolution now they have revamped their menu? What would tempt you from the menu?
*Our meals and drinks were complimentary, in return for an honest review. All words, photos and opinions are my own.


  1. seems like you enjoyed it, looks very tasty xx

    Celia from Brand Of Beauty

  2. All of that food and those cocktails look amazing. Looks like you had a great time.

  3. The food looks great, you've made me hungry. I really want to go here now! There are a few pretty close to my house too!

  4. I really want to tuck into that pulled pork burrito- then again I'm saying that snacking on some strawberry bon bons :P When I'm back in that part of town, I'll have to check that out :)


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