Thursday, 14 May 2015

Thinking Slimmer Giveaway

A few months ago, if you follow my blog, you will remember I tried out the Thinking Slimmer SlimPod and FitPod. It worked, and my thinking towards food completely changed. You will also know that I am now back at the weight I was after loosing some. Why? Well my phone died on me, and EE had it for 3 weeks, whilst it sat in store doing nothing for 10days was sent off for repair. They gave me a temporary "smart" phone. However I was not able to download a single app, or an MP3 track. This hindered my thinking slimmer listening as I no longer had my convenient outlet to listen to the pod.

I have just got my phone back, and fingers crossed it doesn't die on me again. Therefore I am back listening to Trevor's, calm soothing voice. In the three weeks I had stopped listening, I still heard his voice on occasion. One particular time, walking through Tesco. It was one of those days where I could easily just go home, and sit in front of the TV stuffing my face with warm sausage rolls, one after the other... however this particular occasion, the image of how I want to look popped in my head, and his voice talked over... almost like an epiphany. Imagine where you want to be. I stepped away from the pastries, and headed for the hummus and veg. Now that didn't happen every day. Its not a miracle cure, well it almost is. But its re-training your brain.  
The portion sizes drop, and you add little things into your new eating plan, without realising. Whilst we went through this trial, (a group of bloggers all wanting to loose a few pounds) we all noticed very similar things. Saying no to that extra round. Not wanting to actually go and get the biscuits in the kitchen, that we were craving. Adding fish... this included me. I don't usually "do" fish, but yes, I craved it. I still didn't like it, but we now have fish cakes more frequently and prawns.

All it takes is 9 minutes a day to listen to Trevor. Fitting in 9 minutes, can prove difficult with little ones running around, so I put it on whilst I'm going to sleep. And 9/10 times I don't listen to it all, as I'm asleep half way though. This is fine, as its your subconscious listening, so you don't have to.
At a price of £29.99 its not going to break the bank. Its cheaper then a few months at a slimming class, and your not actually on a diet. It all happens naturally. I think this could be a reason why the 5:2 diet did not work for me, as my body was telling me 500 calories was not enough to happily run around after two little ones, manage a household, and still work to maximum effect.
Soo... Sandra from Thinking Slimmer wants to give 10 lucky people who wants to change their eating habits naturally, the chance to win their very own SlimPod. I have 1 of those chances for one of my followers. If you head over to the thinking slimmer blog, you will find 9 others giving one away too. Why not check it out, and be in with a bigger chance of winning? Nothing is stopping you from entering all 10.
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  1. Awesome giveaway, thanks for hosting it :)


  2. I'm trying to lose weight myself and am willing to try anything so this sounds great! x


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