Tuesday, 5 May 2015

Tudors on Tour

The pounding of the heavy horses feet onto the hard grass, built up the atmosphere. On top of the horses were two men dressed for battle in full armour. One added what I can only describe as a skirt to his armour. Both were armed and ready for business, and headed, head on for each other. They looked like they would collide, but had a fence between them protecting the horses. BANG. The weapon hit.

 A knight got the other, and was awarded 3 points. This continued for five rounds. Of course this was medieval jousting of course. You could easily believe you were back in the Tudor times. The loud roar of the crowds, in the full spirit of the match. The king and Queen giving their opinions. However, we do not own a time machine, but Tatton park led us to believe we did, when Historic Royal Palaces bought their Tudors on Tour.
The weapon hit. BANG.
With the girls being just 5 & 3, they don't really know much about the Tudors. We thought it would be a great way to introduce a bit of history into their lives. When we arrived the jousting was just starting, of course we had to watch that. A great way to introduce something different to the girls with a bit of drama to capture them. After the joust the Royal Progress moved between the different areas, and the girls were able to see them close up. The costumes were great to see. The girls instantly knew that they were characters, and there was no doubt about it. We managed to get a picture with the queen. I don't think the girls were to sure... especially as the Queen kept in character the entire time with Anne Boleyn.

After lunch, we were then drawn towards the big tent where we are taught some tips to please the king. We could choose to learn how to fight, jester, or dance. We gave J the choice as S wasn't captured by this part of the day. J did extremely well, after the falling down bows, and the "my favourite song" J was asked to tell a joke. She got a laugh from the King and Queen, so not a bad jester after all.

The tent was very hot and humid with all the people inside, so it was nice to cool off with the fresh air outside. We toured the smaller tents, and saw history taking place in front of our eyes. Both girls were taught how to cook the meat, and how fast to turn it depending on the juices. We also learnt they didn't have potatoes back then either, and the rich ate just like the pour, but maybe more, or throw more away. The staff were extremely friendly and answered any questions we had for them without breaking character.

J was mesmerised by the carpenter. His job was to make carvings for marzipan moulds to decorate the banquet tables. J and S both got a chance at trying it out with play dough to see if it would work.

They also tried their hand at marking leather, with stamps and hammers. They had the chance to dip their own candles, however the queue was very long, and you had to keep queuing to re-dip. We hoped to go back when it was quieter, but it never did get quieter.
They also both tried on Tudor fashions, with J choosing an older girls outfit, and S refusing to keep it on long enough for a photo. Instead she was enticed to the Lego wall where they were building the Hampton Court Palace. They got to make their own shields, and have a play in the sensory area. Before it was time for another joust.
We left just after, as the weather looked like it was turning, and S I feel was just a little to young and uninterested. There was still so much we could have done to fill even more time like archery, basket weaving, and coin minting, but the queues with an irritable child was not appealing. We had a great day out, and J now knows Tudors did exist...

Check out our day re-capped in just one minute in my video...

*We were given complimentary tickets in return for an honest review. All words, pictures, opinions and video are my own.


  1. This looks like so much fun! I've seen the event on NT's website, but we've went to Victorian May Day at Quarry Bank Mill. I'm glad I've read your post x

    Anca @ ancaslifestyle | UK

  2. Seems like you had a great time. I'm sure our family would also enjoy Tudors on Tour x

  3. That looks like it was an amazing day out - I would love to go to something like this but suspect my girls are too young to really enjoy it. Maybe we'll get to do something like this when they are a little older. Love the photo of J and S with the Queen and Anne Boleyn.

  4. This looks like a truly amazing day out. Tudors was my favourite history topic at school! Interesting to learn they didn't have potatoes!

    Laura x x x


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