Wednesday, 13 May 2015

Weight watchers - week 1 results

Last week saw me embark on a new journey. I stepped away from the 5:2 diet which was proving more difficult day by day, with failed fasts and the weight creeping back on. A holiday looming just around the corner, and a holiday of a lifetime for our 5 year wedding anniversary in just 6 months. I wanted a diet that I didn't know much about, so I had to re study, and learn new things. This week has been a steep learning curve.

Portions have been cut dramatically. Evening snacking almost non-existent. Sensible swaps saw me opt for two starters with our weekly takeaway instead of a calorific main and side. Vodka and a diet coke (or two) instead of sharing the bottle of prosecco with hubby. New recipes have been tried. I am still allowed booze, and crisps, and even takeaways. I have had it all this week. Moderately controlled, and everything written down.
Soo... has it been worth it? Well I nervously stepped on the scales this morning at the Weight Watchers class. Wearing the exact same clothes as last week, so there was no cheating. I was amazed. I am a secret daily weigher at home. The class scales have given me a whooping loss... more then I was expecting.
So, yes it has been worth it. I am aiming for 2Ib loss next week to give me half a stone. Considering I have been loosing 1/2 - 1Ib a week on 5:2, I am ecstatic. There was no starving myself needed after all.
On other news, I saw the Dr today. I have been having a lot of "jip" with my knee in the past few weeks, and severely on Saturday. Turns out I have some how twisted it. Resulting in me stretching all my ligaments. My knee now moves left and right, when it shouldn't, and extremely painful when touched... after he had a good poke, I feel so bruised now. :-( Due to this injury, which I am clueless on how I got, I am no longer allowed to run, jog or walk up any trig points. A new hobby of mine since Thinking Slimmers, Fit Pod. Devastated is not the word. However, the Dr has recommended swimming, cycling and flat walking. I am not going to let this injury stop me from exercising.
Whilst at the Drs, I asked how the postcode lottery was doing... hehe, cheeky I know. If you remember, last year, I appeared on Lorraine Kelly regarding my disgusting Varicose vein. They said they would get me sorted, and in sorted they meant get me in contact with a Harley street surgeon. (I would have to pay) The NHS had no funding on the surgery, so I've just had to deal with it. This too has started to become painful, and the Dr has now said I can be referred for surgery too. Soo.. I'm just waiting for a hospital date now too. Yippeee.....
So good news, bad news and good news. Its been a rollercoaster week. I wonder what week 2 will have in store...

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  1. Well done on the weight loss, that's quite a huge loss in one week. Awesome. X

  2. Yay, keep strong, you are doing great! You will get there!!!

  3. wowsers that is fantastic, well done you!

  4. Fantastic on the weight loss hun. Fantastic about being referred as well x

  5. Blimey, what a week you've had. So well done on the weight loss though. That is fantastic. Keep up the good work! You're on a roll :)

  6. Fabulous weight loss and glad to hear you haven't had to sacrifice your goodies! Well done! I look forward too seeing how you do next week. x

  7. Well done on the weight loss. I tried 5:2 last year for a couple of weeks and it was hell. It seems Weight Watchers is better suited to you. :) #weightlosswednesday

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  9. well done on your first week thats awesome.
    I had good success with weight watchers previously and have been debating getting back on that one so ill keep my eyes peeled on your blog :)


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