Wednesday, 27 May 2015

Weight watchers, Week 3 weigh in.

Last week I set myself the goal to loose 2.5Ib. This would enable to get my 5% weight loss from original body weight weigh in award. I thought it was do-able with a lot of walking thrown in, and sticking to my points. However, shortly after posting that goal, I was invited out, not for just one, but two three course meals. I didn't count those evenings, and just had what I fancied, including a cocktail and a glass of wine. I let my hair down, and enjoyed both meals because I did.

Now this post isn't going to be about excuses. It doesn't need to be.  I did increase my walking despite my knee ligament injury. Thankfully, this seems to be healing a lot quicker then originally anticipated, which meant I could do a small hill climb too. I remained counting my points every day. Including the days where I ate out in the evenings, to ensure I was in control. I didn't dip into my weeklies, in hope that they would be enough to carry the extra points from the meals. Well, it was enough....
This week weigh in results.... Week 3....
I am over the moon. 10Ib in three weeks. The inches are falling off too. My head is in the zone, and its showing. Now I wont be weighing in next week as I will be in France. The next weigh in will be a gain. I just know it will be. A holiday, and my birthday. I am going to enjoy myself. I've had "permission" from my leader to enjoy myself, but get straight back on it on returning. So that's what I am going to do.

Sim's Life


  1. Fantastic progress! Then weekly points are so handy when you go away.

  2. Well done this is fantastic - so happy to hear you are in the zone!! Have fun in France

    Laura x

  3. That really is fantastic, especially with your knee injury and those meals.


  4. You can do it, it's great what you have done so far x

  5. Woohooo that is amazing! What an achievement :) x

  6. Well done babe, I've lost all motivation with my diet! You're doing great!

  7. Fantastic hun proud of u Hun. Im joining next week x

  8. A fantastic loss in 3 weeks, Weight Watchers is really working for you and being in the zone will really help spur you on! You go and enjoy your time in France and your birthday - without realising you will probably stay on track! Thank you for linking up with Weight Loss Wednesday and hope to see you when you get back! :) Sim xx


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