Friday, 22 May 2015

Whats the time? Learning to tell the time...

The girls are becoming more and more aware about time. What time is it? Is a constant saying in our house, so when Little Tiger Press, offered us to review "What's the time Clockodile?" We kindly accepted.

The book is a large hard back book, consisting of 16 pages, and a clock with movable hands. This makes it a perfect interactive book, both for S (3yrs) and J (5.5yrs).  Its brightly coloured, and well illustrated by Fhiona Gallaway, and written by Jonathan Litton. 
It seems to be S's favourite book of the moment.

The pages inside are just as bright and colourful.

The book explains where the hands should be at each time. As well as the robot at the bottom showing the time in digital mode too, which seems to be just as important in this day and age.
The book doesn't really have a story to it, but each page is a different time which the child can make the clock read correctly. It briefly mentions what the time could mean, like wake up, painting time, and go to bed.
It mentions 'o clock, half past, quarter past and quarter too, and 5 past and 25 minutes past, which makes it a brilliant tool to teach the children how to tell the time.

J was mesmerised by it, and was really hands on, listening to everything the book says to try and reciprocate the time correctly. Whereas S loved hearing the clacks as the clock moved past each stage, with guidance, she could get the time to read correctly. We had to read it over 10 times on our lazy reading in bed afternoon.

 We had a great afternoon just reading books on the wet afternoon. Do you read with your child?

How did you teach your child to read the time? I am hoping this book will give them a good start.


  1. Looks like a lovely book which will give your girls a great head start, mind you mine are just too lazy now too look and still shout, "muuuum, what time is it",!

  2. I loved this book, it's great. I know my friends uses this book and her little girl is coming along well with telling the time.

  3. Looks like a great book for learning to tell the time! Think I will have to get this for my eldest daughter (3 yrs), she would it x


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