Sunday, 21 June 2015

Britmums Live 2015: My weekend

This weekend I attended my very first EVER Britmums Live. As soon as I started thinking about attending events, Britmums was the top of the must attend events. I have attended a few now, including Blog camp and BlogOnMosi. So what do I think of Britmums? 

Britmums is much more of a commitment for myself due to it being two days in London. Accommodation, dinners and train tickets are needed as well as willing babysitters if it clashes with Daddy's shifts. This year with thanks to Grandma and Grandad and a few well paid sponsored posts I could attend. 

I arrived not really knowing what to expect, and pointed in the right direction for registration. This happened effortlessly  and seamless. I quickly bumped into Jane from Our little escapades who was also attending for the first time and then headed to the craft room to try my hand at a bit of patchwork. 

It's in my head after seeing beautiful quilts being made by family friends that I would like to attempt making one for each of the girls, and I think I now know how to get started after all the folding and sewing with Lady Sew and Sew I soon had my first two pieces. I could have easily sat there and done a small quilt but the hub was calling me with more new friendly faces to meet.

The hub is where the coffee is. The brands are also there and a few really perked my ears up like Rotolight. Hoping to become a professional photographer soon, this is something that really interested me. 

After a caffeine hit and some hellos it was time for the opening speech and challenges. We all managed to break a World record of the most mummy's dressed as mummies in three minutes. This was done as tables using toilet roll. I was one of the mummies...

A photo courtesy of Instagram: MassageBucks,
It was great fun and a real ice breaker. The three minutes went very quick, however the checking to see if we were completely covered took much longer. My arms were raised to shoulder height and after a few minutes the burn started. A lovely lady called Fiona came to my rescue and allowed my arms to rest on her hands whilst we were checked over. Phew! We did it. 52 mummies. 18 disqualified. 

There were various talks going into detail on different subjects. 
Then it was the BIBs awards party. The Lindermans wine flowed the canap├ęs came, and new friends made it the great outdoor space. The lovely Pippa from Story Of Mum put me and Michaela from two little paines at ease and my confidence grew again. I think the wine helped here too. 

The awards kicked off and the atmosphere buzzed even more as we entered the dark room. I sat myself with Louise from Little hearts big love who I have met before and Kirsty from Hijacked by Twins. That was it... We were soon wine buddies and paired up for the night. 

With lots of selfies with other bloggers I follow.


This included Wag mamas afterwards to try and soak up the booze before heading back to the hotel with a few others. Safety in numbers is key! It was a great night, and a new friendship has formed. 
The second day started with Carol Smilie. I grew up watching her on TV and always loved the happy smiley ladie. She is now promoting her new product Diary Dolls which is waterproof pants. Perfect for the time of the month when you may just want that extra bit of reassurance that your protection won't leak into your trousers. Bloggers talked for around an hour trying to break the taboo. They feel just like pants. No rustle. No extra padding. Nothing. I also got a cheeky selfie whilst talking pants.


Again there was lots more talks. I chose to skip one of the schedule talk times so I could go around and see the brands. 

This was a good idea in my opinion. It meant it was quieter, and I could let my poor little brain have a rest. The tiredness soon kicked in due to a restless night, so an Embrace Happy workshop was there to bring some relaxation in, and some paper happy hearts. 

It was soon time for the end talks and keynotes. Caprice made a speech about becoming a mum and her experience had me gripped, even super models have  issues and children up being sick in the night. 

The keynote speakers. Some I had never heard of before and others I follow, had the crowd in tears, others in laughter. It was very much an emotional roller coaster.

So will I be doing Britmums Live again next year? Yes if I get a sponsorship and a babysitter again. Would you like to sponsor me for Britmums 2016?


  1. It looks like you had a lovely time. I've never been to an event before but if nothing else it looks like a great place to meet other bloggers! x

  2. I'd been to Britmums the last few years, but didn't go this year. It looked like great fun and I kind of regretted not getting a ticket. Glad you enjoyed it.

  3. It was great to meet you, glad you enjoyed. Mich x

  4. This looks like really good fun. Perhaps another year I'll go.

  5. Was so lovely to see you again and so glad that you had such a fab time. I really enjoyed it too and was really buzzing on the Friday night although Saturday left me with a lot of food for thought. Those keynote bloggers at the end were quite an emotional rollercoaster weren't they? I can definitely sympathise with you on those burning arms when being mummified - I think I was one of the last to be counted and being able to put my arms down was the best feeling!

  6. It sounds like you had such a great time....Fab photos x

  7. I'm so sorry I stole Laura but I thank you so much as I think I may have ended up in a ditch without her!


  8. Your face looks familiar but I don't think we did have time to chat, which is a shame! Feel like that about too many lovely bloggers after this weekend :( ah well, there's always next time!! x

  9. Glad you enjoyed your first BritMums Live! x

  10. Unfortunately I was unable to go to Britmums Live this year, but I love the previous years that I attended!

  11. Yay, fab weekend, loved hanging out xx

  12. Great summary. I missed a lot as I was looking after room 3 or trying to anyway. I like you describing the hub as where the coffee is - girl after my own heart there! Good Luck with the future career plans and see you next time

  13. Oh wow it looks amazing. I wish I could go. If you have any tips for me please pass them on and I would LOVE to meet Helpful Mum :)

  14. Ah I really wanted to go! Shame, I will go next year for sure :)


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