Wednesday, 17 June 2015

Butterfly World Review and Giveaway

The girlies have wanted to grow their own butterflies for a few years now. Last year we came close with finding some caterpillars all over the nettles at the bottom of the garden. Unfortunately the birds soon found most of  them and they didn't have a chance to change or even grow from being tiny caterpillars. This year Interplay asked if we would like to review their butterfly world and we jumped at the chance.

The box includes a pop up net, a paint brush, net jar covers and elastic bands and a small plastic pot and lid as well as very informative instructions, and can be purchased at Interplay for £12.99.
The instructions are very informative, explaining in great detail and with colour photographs what happens, and more importantly what you need to do. There is two options 1. go find your own caterpillars. 2. buy your caterpillars.
Since our building work plans have started, the nettles have now gone, so we have nowhere to find caterpillars quickly, so we had some sent to us for the purpose of the review. If we found our own, the booklet goes into great detail about what to do, and when.
Our caterpillars, 5 painted ladies, arrived so tiny, in a pot that we were not allowed to open in case it contaminated the food. They grew bigger by the day, and the girls were fascinated by how quick they grew, and the way they left a residue like a cob web behind them.
When they were ready, they started to hang from the top. They had started to turn into chrysalis just as we went away so we knew we wouldn't miss them changing into butterflies. (One fell half way through making its chrysalis)
During the transition from pot to net, one lost grip of the paper and was placed on the bottom on some tissue. This resulted in a damaged wing. It would never fly. One never emerged. We had two beautiful butterflies, and a disabled butterfly.
They were amazing to watch close up, as in the wild they usually fly away. The girls loved watching them and the net was easily moved without disturbing the butterflies.
Even the cat enjoyed watching them. Thankfully the net kept them safe.
The net is well and truly cat proof. Whilst out on a day out we came back to the net in the middle of the kitchen floor where they had been knocked from the kitchen counter. Butterflies still in tact. Phew. How would I have reviewed that if the cat ate them?
We kept them safe in the net over the weekend whilst we waited for the sun to come back out. Due to the disabled butterfly and J becoming attached to them, we let them go whilst she was at school.
They needed coaxing to leave the net, and even climbed on my fingers. This meant S could get an even closer look before they decided to fly off. They really are beautiful.
They flew off and explored the garden, whilst the disabled one was placed into the plants out of sight for a chance away from the birds.
We will be doing it again for sure. You can buy the butterfly world net here
Interplay UK are also giving one of my lucky readers a chance to win The Butterfly World for themselves, just enter below.
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Good luck.

*We received Butterfly World and 5 caterpillars in return for an honest review. All words, photos and opinions are my own.


  1. Very interesting product. Great for kids who want something cute and to learn more about nature

    Sarah | Cheerful Atoms

  2. amazing thing for children to not only play but also learn. I love your images of butterfly!


  3. Great activity for children learning and having fun at same time.

  4. Love it, little'uns will def,too! :)


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