Saturday, 13 June 2015

Noisy Dinosaurs book review

As the title suggests we got to review "Noisy Dinosaurs". Its from Little Tiger Kids and is the 'My first touch and feel sound book' range. Since we received it S has claimed it has hers. Thrown it in peoples faces to read, and pretty much not let it out of her sight. It is a real hit. It helps she is dinosaur mad anyway, but just take a look and see why she loves it so much...

The book "Noisy Dinosaurs" is hardback and a great size for pre-schoolers. It is very clear from the cover exactly what it is you are getting with the book. The touch and feel sensory patches along with the added bonus of sounds.

It doesn't just come with one roar. Each page has its own sound which is activated when you touch the sensory patch. Each patch is also different. We have T-Rex's scales which gives out a roar. Stegosaurus gives out a howl when you touch is bony plates, Diplodocus growls when you tickle its leathery belly. Triceratops grunts when you touch its shimmering frill and the Pterodactyl screeches when you stroke her soft wings.
Each page is for a specific dinosaur giving age appropriate facts along with its name and pictures, and engages the child to take part in the noises too.

We have read it so many times to S that she knows most of the facts now.... just listen to her talking about the diplodocus... so cute....

As you can see this is why it is such a big hit. S goes to bed with it at night, and brings it down in the morning. She now knows the sounds her toy dinosaurs should make too.

As well as giving her sensory patches to touch and feel which is important to help children develop.

The book retails at £8.99 and can be bought here.
*We were sent the book in return for an honest review. All pictures words and opinions are my own.


  1. I really like the idea of touch and feel sound, I don't think I've seen that before. My daughter likes books with both of those elements, so she would probably enjoy something like this x

  2. this sounds brilliant! My two love noisy books and it's nice to have books like this that require a bit of action and noise etc :-)
    thanks for linking with #weekendbookclub x

  3. We have this book and I think it is great and loved that the buttons for the sound were hidden behind the texture patches! #weekendbookclub


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