Monday, 15 June 2015

Summer Days Out and picnics

Summer. It looks like it is here, or maybe not. The great British weather can not make its mind up which means when we have a nice day we need to grab it with both hands and make the most of it. It could be raining tomorrow. So that's exactly what S and myself did on Friday whilst J was at school. Sorry J. We grabbed it and ran to the local park

Whilst S was at nursery I managed to pack a picnic for the both of us, along with a towel and her swimming costume in a hope we could get to the outdoor paddling pool. When it comes to packing a picnic I have to be careful. You do not want this messy face whilst out and about...
Ok, so that is a few years old now but yoghurts.... as much as they enjoy them, it doesn't all end up in the mouth, does it? S often has yoghurt splattered clothes or shoes so we try and avoid them whilst out and about. In the heat S's appetite has dropped and yoghurts is one of the only things she eats when she has no appetite which is where petits filous come in handy. In re-sealable pouches and with a plastic spout, no spoon is needed. No hand eye co-ordination is needed either apart from putting the pouch in her mouth, and sucking and squeezing. Our local Tesco do three flavours, and all are favourites in our household. Apricot, strawberry and raspberry.

Along with sandwiches, fruit and a packet of crisps it was a picnic perfect for the park. We are extremely lucky where we live that our small town has a very well kept paddling pool at the park. Weekends it is too busy to even get near, but on a quieter week day when schools are in, it is a bit quieter and more bearable. Armed with her dinosaur she wanted to get straight into the pool.
I was able to enjoy my picnic in peace and enjoy the warm summer rays. Time soon passed and S needed to eat something as it was getting closer to tea time. Nothing would get her out the pool apart from Mr Dino eating her yoghurt...

She was out of that pool in a shot shouting at me to stop Mr Dino. She soon went quiet again though until it had all gone.
Petits Filous is a great source of calcium and Vitamin D, which makes it a great cool snack on a hot summers day. The texture is smooth, and it tastes just how it should, of strawberries. Unfortunately, the rest of her picnic wasn't as successful...
Her lunch consisted of a mouthful of apple, 3 bites of jam sandwich, a full Petits Filous and a few crisps. This speaks for itself on the taste of the yoghurt doesn't it? This was enough energy to continue our lovely summer afternoon day out with just the two of us.
Everything was done at S's pace. We stopped to say hello to a VERY friendly cat, which involved us sitting on the pavement for 15 minutes talking to passers by about the cat that was not ours.
Before heading to the play park.
Time had run away with us and the afternoon had gone. It was soon time to pick J up and as typical great British weather, the rain came too. Enjoy the summer days, you don't know when the next one will be.
*We were given a gift voucher to buy Petits Filous in return for an honest post. All words, pictures and opinions are my own.

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