Friday, 26 June 2015

Toy Post Office Review

S has finally reached the age where she likes playing with J now rather then doing her own thing alongside her. This is an age thing and yes this brings ALOT of sibling arguments. To try and alleviate the "but I was playing with that" start of an argument we have got a toy Post Office for them to play with together. So far this has worked well as one can be the post office worker, whilst the other the customer.

The Casdon Post Office has a RRP of £12.99 which makes it very budget friendly too.  Another perk is it comes in a neat box, which makes it perfect for wrapping for a gift.

It took a little while to assemble, as all the magazines had to be torn apart on perforated lines and folded, along with the gift cards, but it was very simple.

As well as the magazines and occasion cards, you get two small parcels you can weigh, a couple of forms to fill in like driving license, and TV Licenses, with stickers that you can use for photos or stamps. It also comes with a couple of withdrawal and paying in slips too. Pretend money is also supplied which really helps in the shop feel.

Once it was all set up the girls were set loose to test it out. J had to be the shop keeper first, weighing the parcels ready to be posted.

Which gave S a chance to practise her squiggles, I mean writing, before sealing and purchasing a stamp.

...and of course posting it in the post box.

They then swapped sides, and did the same again...

A few hours passed and S was still happily playing even by herself just posting letter after letter, and creating a mess.

Both girls have given the post office a thumbs up. For the price I think the item is great too. The base is well built and solid and will survive the heavy handed S, however the magazines and forms are just paper so can be easily torn. The gift cards can only be written in once, along with the forms unless you want to rub them out. There is nothing stopping you creating your own letters and forms though.
So would I recommend the Toy Post Office from Casdon? As a small gift, or stocking filler, yes. It has already given my girls an afternoon of entertainment and has a few more role plays left in it.

*We were sent the Post Office for review. All words, photos and opinions are my own.


  1. I would have absolutely loved this when I was little. I don't have kids, but this is absolutely fantastic!

  2. I had a sweet shop one when I was younger and loved it, it was so much fun. Although I am not sure you find it that much fun when you're older :D x

  3. My daughter had this a few years ago and she loved it xx


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