Wednesday, 10 June 2015

Weight watchers week 5 results

Wow... I have not kept to the diet at all whilst being away. I had lots of French baguettes, croissants and even more cake, wine and cocktails. Everything I should have only in moderation. Hey, its a holiday A?ND my birthday, so I allowed myself the week. In reality it turned to 12 days. Straight after my last weigh in, things started slipping the wine poured and the chocolate disappeared.

I did enjoy the holiday even though I felt the belly bloat just a few days into the holiday. On returning I was straight back onto Weight watchers and managed to claw back some of the water retention weight gain. I had a sneak peak on Monday morning and was mortified at the 6.5lb gain. However, lots of water, no booze and back to healthy portions of the correct foods my official weigh in results for this week is...

I am a little gutted by the huge weight gain, but can understand it. We didn't really do much walking of great distances apart from one day, and the swimming wasn't really swimming. All I can do is now put it behind me and continue on the plan. There is 23 weeks until our next holiday and I am hoping that I will loose another 2 stone in that time. If I loose more, that will be an extra bonus.
This week there is another spanner in the works... Hubby and myself are having a night away for my birthday with no girlies. There will be a lovely dinner and drinks, but also a big BBQ as my parents are up visiting too. Eek.... lots of planning and counting will be needed. I am going to aim for a 2lb loss, but will need to get walking or possibly even trying to jog a little as my knee hasn't really caused me much trouble recently. Yippee.
I also finally have an appointment to see a Dr regarding my hideous and painful vein. Fingers crossed they will remove it for good. Every time S bangs it I'm in pain these days, but will know they will want me to get to a healthier BMI. Therefore, this journey is now for my health too, not just to make me feel better.

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  1. I am sure next week will be better. Good luck with your dieting journey, I wish I was strong too to stick into a diet.

  2. It's a lifestyle change so holidays are necessary I'm glad you thoroughly enjoyed it had fun while you were away!

  3. I think it's nigh on impossible to stay on track when you're on holiday so don't be too despondent.

    Good Luck for this week.



  4. aaa atleast you had a good time and you know what you need to do to get back on track #weightlosswednesday

  5. I am so glad you enjoyed your break away and your birthday chick! All that food looks amazing and I could literally eat it all, right now! It just goes to show how much water retention plays a big part in gains and weight loss - my tummy is much less bloated now from drinking so much water. Bye bye fizzy drinks - though a cold beer would go do nicely right now in the garden! You are doing so well on Weight Watchers - definitely suits you more than the 5:2 diet. You will definitely get to your target for your next holiday, you are very motivated! Thank you for linking up with #WeightLossWednesday hope to see you again this week! Sim xx


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