Wednesday, 24 June 2015

Weight Watchers Week 7 results

First of all let me apologise for not updating last week. There is a reason why I did not update, and that's because I chickened out of going to group and didn't weigh in. Big mistake I know. I have been this week though, hooray.

Last week was a rollercoaster week for the emotions, this does not help when I know I am an emotional eater.
We had a terminal cancer diagnosis within the close family at the start of the weekend which resulted in unplanned meals en-route to the hospital, and takeout due to just not wanting to cook whilst we were struck with this news, BUT... as we popped out the weekend we had the BEST news. It was a misdiagnosis. How? I have no idea, just pleased. As hubby got the message we were again in disbelief. We celebrated with wine, and another takeout. Yes, takeaways are our downfall. That is our emotional rollercoaster weekend.
This week I then had Britmums which was in London. Wine on tap pretty much, and dinner out. This was planned and I tweaked points to allow for me to let my hair down a little, and it helped.
I usually weigh in on a Wednesday morning, instead today though, S and myself went to Chill Factore for some 1:1 mummy daughter time which meant I missed class.
This again was planned so I went last night instead. A full days food and drink inside me instead of my usual one coffee before stepping on. I was expecting a gain from just that time difference alone, instead I was in shock.
How I have lost 1.5Ib I am not sure. I have been good on the days I have been sticking to plan, which means it really is working for me. I also know I  self sabotage and have noticed the pattern. I have not lost my holiday weight yet but just 2Ib away. This I am aiming for next week.
I have also made the conscious decision to step away from the blog a little more once I have caught up with everything I have committed myself too. The reason? So I can get to the gym. Yes that really is my reason. I blog whilst S is at nursery and occasionally the evenings but this is not the way I want my family life to be. I will be going back to how I was when I first started blogging. Days out written up that evening whilst flopping on the settee. Toy reviews limited, and a max two mornings a week the rest will be focussed on healthy meal planning for the whole family and exercise for me and not forgetting the study.
If you blog, how do you manage your time?


  1. well done you. I wish I had tapped your brain about BritMums today and I am so sorry about the horrible diagnosis. Bring the girls to the farm in the summer hols, you know where we are :)

    1. It was lovely to meet you, boo and G. Tap away for any info on Britmums. To be honest the sessions went over my head or not in depth enough for me, but that could be me being a technophobe. We would love to pop in on the farm, we will get Boo calling me my name and not lady :-) x

  2. Its so easy to come off track but well done for going back & facing the scales! I follow SW as WW just didn't work for me but good luck & happy slimming!

  3. Congrats on facing those scales and being surprised, I can imagine it's such a boost when you where expecting a different result. I have no blogging schedule, I don't work a Thursday and usually spend the day (between mum & gf duties) doing photos and then I write up the posts at night.


    Georgia Petite

  4. Congrats on the weight loss, I heard about the weight watchers products and they contained less calories. Have you tried them? I do regular workouts 3-4 times a week, being active really helps on the weight. I wan't to loose weight too, I think is very cool that you faced the challenges. Feel inspired to do some more workouts xx

  5. Gawwwd, I'm so glad that turned out to be a misdiagnosis. Must have been a terrifying few days though. And congratulations on a fantastic weigh in! You're well on your way! x

    Stephanie |

  6. 1.5 is still a great number! well done! i still find it hard to organise my time especially when ive been so busy at work for the past few weeks and the last thing i want is to stare at the laptop more

  7. Congratulations! you are doing a fabulous job xxx

  8. Fantastic I love a surprise lost they're the best kind

  9. your doing really well hunny, keep it up, your brave writing it up about your weight loss hun. brilliant way to keep you motivated


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