Monday, 29 June 2015

Wood Worx Jewellery box kit review

Children often get "bored" despite the many toys, books and games they have. They don't actually mean bored when they come whining, sometimes it is a challenge they want. Something to do with a purpose. We have noticed this more and more with J recently as she is becoming older. She is closer now to being 6 then she is to 5, and needing that little something extra.

This is where craft kits come in handy. Not only does it challenge them and give them a purpose, but it also give them time 1:1 with us as we help.
Wood Worx Jewellery Box kit is the first project craft kit we have tried J with.  I used to enjoy making little projects when I was younger in wood or metal, so thought she would enjoy it too. How right was I.


The jewellery box kit comes with everything you need. The wood pre cut and sanded down. Glue, paints, paint brushes, jewels, stencils stickers and of course the important instructions with a tape measure on the bottom.

The jewellery box needs no screwing, nailing or hammering, which I am sure the table is thankful for. Glue is used instead, and patience. J was able to assemble the outer box without much assistance, but struggled with the smaller draws, I helped ALOT to assemble them correctly. 

Once the outer box, shelves and draws were assembled, it was time to pop the feet on, before leaving it to dry. J went excessive with the glue so we decided to leave it over night to dry.

Daddy took over with the quality time the next day and supervised J making it unique to her. Unicorns, angels and clouds are all painted on her jewellery box, and jewels added too, to help it sparkle. The glitter glue also got used ALOT and helped cheer her up on a sick day from school.

The masterpiece is colourful, and durable, and will be used for its purpose after she has taken it into school to show her teacher and friends what she made with little help. She is so proud of her little project, and she should be. She created it from some pieces of wood.

The set is recommended for children aged 5-12, but with 5-7 years old under supervision. It would make a great weekend project. Its RRP is £9.99 which I consider to be a great price for a project that they can make which is good quality, and durable. I can not wait to get another kit for J to make. The full Wood Worx range from Interplay can be found here.

*We were sent the Jewellery Box kit for the purpose of a review. All words, pictures and opinions are my own.


  1. Oh wow! That looks fab! What a great activity!
    I love the end result x

  2. This will keep my lil one so very busy. Great post.

  3. Oh bless her - what a lovely way to spend an afternoon - and a great introduction to design :-)


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