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Cafe Rouge Review

That's it... schools are officially out. The rain is pouring. What can we do to entertain and treat the kids?  (Plus a little treat for us too) Well... Café Rouge have just launched their new children's menu and until the 31st July 2015, kids eat free. What a launch. We can not grumble at nutritious delicious food especially if its free. Even when the launch period is over it still wont break the bank either. We put S and fussy J to the Café Rouge menu to get their verdict.

Before we even get onto to the food I have to mention Ben. Our greeter at the Trafford Centre restaurant who instantly put the girls centre of attention which meant they were on best behaviour. (We wont mention the candy cane earlier that day that sent them loopy!!) Armed with dinosaurs for S and J's DS we were hoping for a peaceful meal. Ben chatted to the girls and even named S's dinosaur Bob. On passing he would have another quick chat, this helped the rapport and backed up myself on the bribery front of pudding if they ate half their dinner. It is such a pleasure to go to a family friendly restaurant where the staff are family friendly too as well as the menu.
Although its family friendly, it is still a nice looking restaurant. A bar full of wine, and luxurious red seats and French décor on the walls.
The new children's menu comes as a three course meal that includes a drink for just £6.95.
The mains had great choices using dishes they are used to but making them a little more special., and the desserts the girls struggled choosing just one again. The starters had no choice.
The children's menu then opened up into an activity pack which kept the girls entertained.
The childrens starters were colourful. J is not the best vegetable eater but still enjoyed the bread and "yummy salsa" whereas S enjoyed being a "rabbit". Yes these are the words they mentioned. The portions were a good size, and the vegetables were fresh.
  Although we were there to put the kids menu to the test, it would be impossible not to mention our food too, as it was so delicious. They have a snails taster which I just had to try as I failed to find any in France when we visited, and at £1.95 it was the perfect price to test it out. Unfortunately snails are not my thing, but at least we have tried them. However the prawns and Camembert we would highly recommend. 
For mains, S opted for fish cake. Not just any fish cake, a salmon fish cake, whereas J went for the Angus burger. Daddy opted for steak, whereas I went for beef Bourguignon. S has a thing about sweet corn. She can not get enough of the yellow stuff. We asked the staff if she could have some with her dinner even though it doesn't usually get served with the fish cakes and they were happy to add it. Unfortunately due to it being very busy they had sold out but happily offered baked beans as a substitute.
The fish cakes I was told were delicious, with not too much potato that usually make up children's fishcakes. S ate the entire fishcake, apart from Daddy's mouthful to taste. J's burger was enormous. She was more then happy with her HUGE portion. The beef Bourguignon melted in my mouth and Daddy's steak was full of flavour.
Desserts S was insisting she wanted an ice lolly whereas J wanted to try out profiteroles for the first time. I was recommended the Crème Brûlée which came with a strawberry and black pepper sorbet. It certainly was different. Daddy went for Fondant Aux Chocolats. Which tasted like chocolate heaven.
I liked that the lolly came in a cardboard tube like a Calypso so it wasn't as messy. Ben the greeter kindly walked past and offered to wrap it in a serviette to save cold hands... (see its the little touches that make it so family friendly!) J was amazed at the size of the profiteroles, and enjoyed every last bite. 
We were also given a little dish of popping candy that usually goes with ice cream sundae. The girls have never had it before and their reaction was amazing, I just wish I had caught it on video. Lets say it went down very well.
We thoroughly enjoyed our family meal. Real food, good quality ingredients, delicious recipes in a friendly atmosphere.
If you wanted to try out the new kids menu free until Friday 31st July 2015, click here to download your free voucher.
*We received the complimentary family meal in return for an honest review. All words, photos and opinions are my own.
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  1. I haven't been to cafe rouge in a long time now but really enjoyed my time there :) The kids menu looks great and your girls look like they're having a fab time :) x
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  2. The food looks lovely, so gutted I missed out me and my girls were invited to this. Looks like you had lots of fun!xx


  3. The new kids' menu sounds lovely - I stopped going to Cafe Rouge a few years ago as the food quality just got worse and worse and worse, but perhaps it's time to try again. #triedtested

  4. The menu does sound lovely, I'm sure Grotbags would love to try their new menu x

  5. Yum! That food looks delicious! It looks like a great place to eat with kids. They look like they had a great time :)

  6. I love Cafe Rouge but have yet to try it out with my toddler. The menu looks great though so maybe we should try it out #TriedTested

  7. I would never have thought of taking the kids to Cafe Rouge - Ben sounds like a complete star though.
    Thanks for sharing your review on #TriedTested this week x


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