Monday, 6 July 2015

Little Green Fingers

With summer well on its way its only natural we want the garden looking pretty. We have spent a lot of time in ours this past week and apart from the bottom half looking a mess as the builders still have not started, our section isn't looking too bad  with the wild look flowers taking over the rockery, and well maintained lawn it is looking picturesque. This will change though when the builders start. 

When the builders move in they will destroy our garden completely for a while and make it all one level with our patio. Much more child friendly and will give the illusion of more space. Our beautiful flowers will be gone though.
Our beautiful home grown flowers
Elm House Tree services have come to a helping hand. They have set up a little green fingers competition in a bid to get children helping out in the garden. They sent us a few colourful pots so we can still take part, and a mixture of seeds. This means that even though our garden will be destroyed, the girlies plants will still be in tact.
We started with filling a pot each. S wanted green as its dinosaur coloured, J opted for purple, which left me with the pink.


Once the pots were filled, it was time to pop the seeds in. S wanted sunflowers, J chose the "surprise seed pack" which left me with the cress.

Once the seeds were inserted into the soil, it was time to carefully cover them up.


Followed by watering them.

We continue to water them, especially on the very hot days. S is still learning the difference between watering them, and letting them swim.

So far all plants have taken and growing well. The girls have learnt that cress grows very fast, and you can eat it. Sunflowers grow tall, and we are yet to discover what the "surprise seeds" are. The girls are excited that they have their very own plants to take care off.
I am tagging Vicky from Mummy 3+1dog and Anne from 3 boys hubby and me, to see if they are interested in the little green fingers competition to win £50.  If you are interested in the competition to get your little green fingers growing and for a chance to win £50, check it out here


  1. Looks like you had some good fun doing the gardening. When I was a kid i used to enjoy watering plants and potting new ones x

  2. It sounds like you have had some fun setting up your garden and how fun getting planting in the garden. x

  3. Its great that they like planting some flowers and getting out in the sum while we have it x

  4. Sorry this didn't work the first few times I tried :( I love gardening. My fondest memories were gardening with my dad as a child! lovely xxxx


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