Saturday, 25 July 2015

Prescription Sunglasses Review

In the spring I was offered a chance to review a pair of prescription sunglasses. I have not owned a pair of prescription sunglasses for many years as I used to be an avid contact lens wearer. I hated wearing glasses but with my contact lenses I would wear a very expensive pair of designers, although they would always be seen on top of my head keeping my hair out of my face, rather then on my face.

Since I had my eye problem just over a year ago I have had to deal with the insecurities of being a full time glasses wearer, and therefore needed a new pair of sunglasses that I would actually need to wear. Since the problems, my eyes are much more sensitive and will often just stream tears when in bright light, this is not a good look.
I jumped at the chance of a "review pair" from Glasses direct  as the high street opticians sunglasses are hundreds of pounds for my prescription. When looking online they had loads of cheap glasses and sunglasses. I took a measurement of my pupils by looking in a mirror with a ruler and phoned my opticians for my current prescription. It was as easy as that. They arrived just before my holiday, perfect timing.

I popped them on instantly loving the shape and style. I liked being sat in the garden not having to squint or have tears down my face. However on looking back at the selfie  I am not happy. Yes I can see perfectly out of them, they fit great, and they are BIG ones which I chose. I am just not happy that I can see the thickness of my prescription through the blacked out lenses. My insecurities came flooding back in. I know its my fault with having -7 prescriptions. This is the reason why my glasses are so expensive as I pay for thinning of the lenses.  
However, since having my glasses to review I have noticed that Glasses direct do now offer thinner lenses at an extra price, and this is still cheaper then the high street opticians.

The down side to these cheap glasses is that you can not try them on before purchasing, however the up side is the fantastic value. My current sunglasses that were gifted to me I wear for driving or whilst in the garden. I am seriously thinking of investing in another pair where I can have thinner lenses and be proud to walk around in them.


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