Wednesday, 1 July 2015

Week 8 on weight watchers

This week my goal was to loose 2Ib to bring me back to my 5% total weight loss target again, which I reached just before my holidays. Unfortunately this did not happen, and I am a little stumped as to why.

I have been having good weight losses before the holiday and since returning I lost my will power, found it again, and now its slowed down. I think. This week I thought I had been good. I pro pointed most things, but there was a night or two where I hit the Malibu, and maybe I didn't count every glass, or bag of crisps I sneaked in? I also dived into a pizza whilst on a review opportunity and as it was so nice, I ate and ate until I could eat no more. Maybe I didn't calculate the points correctly on that either? It was delicious though. The end of the week was much better, I pre ordered  a salad on another review opportunity and didn't change my mind. I actually really enjoyed it. This is new to me, I don't usually enjoy salad.
I have been having smoothies for breakfast, and even J has got into the habit of asking for one now instead of toast. Yeay!
I have started the running again, which you can read on my previous post here, which is why I was a little disappointed with todays result.

I know a loss is a loss, but I really worked hard on my runs, increasing speed and not giving in when I really wanted to. My leader thinks it may show next week, I am thinking it wont. Last time I was on weight watchers the running stopped my weight loss, and I ended up quitting. I think its me not pointing correctly as I mentioned above. If it will show, it will be a bonus.
I am going to carry on, on the motivated path and not let this small victory hinder me when I was hoping for a bigger victory. Its a marathon and not a sprint after all. I did enjoy the alcohol and pizza, and now I am paying for it.
Next week I am hoping for a 1.5Lb loss so I can get to the target I was hoping to last week.
On a more positive note, I have so far lost more weight then that of a typical human head.


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  1. I'm on a weight loss mission at the moment, my aim is to shed 2 stone, I've done just over a stone and a bit by juicing, eating lots of fish salad and veg (I still have a treat day once a week!) and have also been doing an Instructor Live online home workout which am really enjoying.

    Well done on your weight loss so far.

    Emily xx



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