Thursday, 9 July 2015

Weight Watchers.. week 9

I am an every morning weigher. Every morning after the loo break and before a sip of juice goes in my mouth I am stepping on those scales. They are placed in the kitchen and on a very specific tile. They seem to be accurate. However, this week they told me I lost nothing.... they lied to me.

I went along to my weekly group expecting to stay the same, and ask for some extra support. That did not happen. I stepped on and the numbers stuck at a new weight. The lightest I have been since starting his journey. My holiday weight loss is finally off. This means this week  have lost...

I am ecstatic. Goes to show that stepping on your own scales is not the bee all and end all. I have tried hard this week. A family gathering in a pub which was a two course meal was well thought out and planned ahead. I also stepped away from the alcohol too.
I have not managed to attend the gym this week. This was down to the heat wave at the start of my week, and then I have had a few niggles with my knee again. Maybe I have done too much on it too soon after twisting the ligament. I am pleased with my week ahead though, and am planning on a similar week this week.
I am going to attend the gym this week, but keep to the bike and swimming. Today I managed 25 lengths which is only 450 meters, and doesn't sound great, but its a start, and boy do my arms ache whilst doing it. Maybe I will loose my bingo wings?
I have also planned the weeks meals and the shopping has been done. I am focused, and I am in control. I can do this. 3.5Ib to my next target taking me to a stone. I am hoping to achieve this within the next two weeks.
My vein appointment is next week, so at least I can go in positive that I am loosing weight, and NO its still not improving. Wish me luck on that front please, I know I will have a battle on my hands getting them to whip out the painful vein.


  1. Well done on the loss and boo hiss at those scales!

  2. Well done chick, I'm thinking about starting weight watchers! x


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