Wednesday, 15 July 2015

Weightwatchers... week 10

This week marks ten weeks since I first stepped into my weight watchers group. Nine weeks of watching what I am eating "Weight watcher" style, but technically only six weeks actually trying due to holidays and other life goings on.

As I write this I am currently very uncomfortable after eating a Chinese takeaway. A treat meal for the family on J's request for a banquet after she made her "Rainbows Promise". I can easily vow now I am feeling this way that nothing bad will touch my lips this week, if only I could say that last week.
I forgot one of my contraceptive pills last week and it set my hormones into turmoil. Spots emerged, my moods swung, and the salty food and chocolate cravings kicked in BIG time. Thankfully it was just one missed tablet so after three days it levelled out again, but not before I did damage to my points.
This week I maintained. I am very relieved at that. I did wake up feeling thinner this morning despite what the scales say though. 10.5Ib down so far.
This week we have decided to invest in a running machine for home. I am so excited about this. No excuse not to walk or run now. No excuses when it arrives. I can not wait. I have also entered a 3K race with 3boyshubbyandme for the end of August, I now have something to work towards and super excited.
This week I will go forward with trying my best. I have already had a bad start with the Chinese, but with planning I can turn it around. It was nice to sit down to a naughty meal with the in-laws and celebrate but it wont get me my body I am after for our holidays in 16 weeks. I would like to loose 21Ib in that time at least, which means I need to knuckle down and do what I need to do. Track everything, keep hydrated, and plan.


  1. Congratulations on your weight loss so far. I would love a running machine. Take it slowly for the best results x

  2. I swear a missed pill is the worst thing ever, even if I am a few hours late taking mine I become a complete monster! Congrats on your weight loss so far and have fun when your running machine arrives.


    Georgia Petite

  3. I remember being on the pill and having similar feelings if I forgot to take it on time. I use the patches now and find them so much easier to deal with :) It sounds like you're doing amazing on Weight Watchers. I love their ready meals and soups so always find them a great company to lose weight with :D

    Louise x

    With love from Lou

  4. You're doing so well. We all have little slips so don't beat yourself up about that.x



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