Tuesday, 18 August 2015

Frankie and Bennys review

Last week I was lucky enough to be asked if I wanted to be a guest reviewer on the Whats Good To Do  website. We were sent to Frankie and Benny's to try out the new menu and put it to the M test. This is what I had to say....

The atmosphere was alive with the sound of chatter from around the restaurant, the music playing softly in the background. Pictures and artistic writing lined the walls. We were interrupted from soaking up the atmosphere by a welcoming waiter who showed to our table over looking the part open kitchen where the chefs were working hard. We were in Frankie and Benny's at Festival Park in Stoke.
The new menu was bursting with so many tasty meals, it was hard to choose. Italian or American... did I want a Calzone with meatballs inside, or did I want a new Yorker burger with pulled pork? The girls made their selection quickly before getting tucked into the children activities...

Daddy was hungry so opted for BBQ chicken and ribs which was half a roasted chicken and a half rack of ribs, smothered in our signature BBQ sauce with golden fries, coleslaw and corn on the cob.
The chicken was succulent and the ribs melted in your mouth. The coleslaw tasted home-made rather then shop bought and the fries were extremely more-ish. They tasted like they had a coating of something which made them tastier then usual.
I am still have not got my appetite back from being unwell last week so opted for the full rack of ribs rather then a burger or pizza. They looked enormous when I saw them going past to other diners but I wouldn't have been able to finish it.
The ribs filled the enormous plate. The meat fell of the bones. There was no gnawing needed. Full of flavour and very meaty. The sauce came separate so you can choose how much or how little you like. The coleslaw again was home made, and tasted peppery. Although I had no appetite, I devoured the meal. It was so tasty I didn't want to leave a mouthful.
The girls ordered from the children's menu.  One dish Italian, the other American.
S loves spaghetti bolognaise as she can get messy with it. J loves burgers so choosing a build your own double burger was an obvious choice for her.
For dessert I opted for a Banoffee waffle. Warm cinnamon waffle covered in toffee flavoured ice cream banana and a toffee sauce I was in a sweet heaven. Daddy opted for Eli's Peanut butter cheese cake. It hit his sweet spot too and we were officially stuffed.
The new menu has gone down very well with us and we couldn't fault our meals. My only comment for it would be it is not cheap. I wanted to add a side order of onion rings as I was told they were the "real" onion rings but at £4.25 for 6 I thought it was very expensive and gave them a miss.
*We were given a complimentary two course meal and soft drinks for the purpose of review. All words photos and opinions are my own.


  1. Mmm the food you ate looks amazing! I went F&B for the first time a few weeks ago and I was very impressed.

    Daniella | Freshly Pressed Beauty

  2. that looks so yummy and incredible. I never go to frankie and bennys because I've never really seen any point or been drawn in, but I am after reading this!

  3. One of my favourite chain restaurants! I love their breakfasts, perfect for catch-ups with friends. The bacon pancakes are my favourite


  4. F&B is one of my favourite restaurants. I've been to one where my boyfriend lives and one where I live. Sadly the one close to me was horrible. The food was cold, the service was horrible so altogether a bad experience. Favourite food item is the Philly Cheese Steak sandwich. It's to die for!

  5. As a family, we simply adore Frankie and Bennys. We always have a nice meal at Frankies and recently we tried their breakfast's and they tasted amazing!

  6. I love F&B's but I find that they are really hit and miss. For example, my local one is great but the one near my boyfriend's got shut down!

    Catstello | www.cattitudeandco.uk

  7. Do you know I don't think I have ever been to Frankie and Benny's that is something I so need to rectify! x

  8. I've not been to F&B for ages. The last time we went was around five years ago and I loved the food then and there was always such a great family friendly atmosphere in there. The cocktails weren't bad either.

    The new menu looks delicious and generous portion sizes as usual.

    Laura x

  9. I loved Frankies and Bennies when on the mainland. Great review x


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