Friday, 14 August 2015

Learning to write.... Alphabet cards review

J has just completed her first year of school and can now read and write to the standard that is needed for her age. She now leaves notes around the house and makes beautiful cards. S loves drawing but apart from drawing spiders she has not mastered much else apart from an S squiggle. Which is about right for a three year old. Trying to get her to write her name is impossible as she refuses to copy. Due to her drawing on walls we can not leave pencils around for her to have a try unless its structured play. She will learn the hard way.... or will she?

The Appealing Rabbit contacted us and asked if we would like to try out the alphabet cards designed to get children motivated to learn to write letters. This is perfect timing with S starting school next September. She will be able to write her name by then. Hopefully.

Coming in a handy colourful pack just larger then a pack of cards (6x4inches) perfect for little and clumsy hands, it is ideal for travelling or stocking fillers and doesn't take up much space storing it away. Inside the pack is also a wipe on/off pen with a pen rubber on the top to easily clean the pen off again afterwards. Everything you need in the pack.

The individual cards inside are all different. Each card represents a different letter of the alphabet. All fun and colourful. Engaging the child to trace over the shapes made which represents the letter.

The pack can be used for letter recognition, and writing. To include J into the activity we also used them for spellings for words that didn't have duplicate letters.
So, the big question... did capture S's attention enough to get her writing letters?

Yes, it sure did. Grabbing the pen just like any other three year old she dived in. After a little guidance she then copied her big sister and held the pen with the pencil grip. Yes... if nothing else she has picked up on this little skill.

She did amazing considering she doesn't write letters. She completed the whole alphabet more then once and even helped tidy them away afterwards so she could play them all again another day.

After a few more practice sessions I will get paper involved too and get her to copy the letters without the pictures underneath.
The cards are good quality and the wipe off feature does actually work leaving not even a trace of pen behind, leaving a blank canvas for the next go.
Its a great concept designed by a dad who's little boy was struggling at writing letters. He designed this game for him, and when he improved he put it forward to kickstarter to be funded. The pack contains 26 letters for the English alphabet and an additional three letters for the Norwegian and Danish alphabet and is shipped world wide from The Appealing Rabbit.


  1. These cards look amazing! I wish they were around when I was learning the alphabet as I can see how engaging they would be for children x

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