Monday, 24 August 2015

New shoes for Back to school

Its not long now until J returns to school. All her uniform has been brought and is hanging ready but with shoes we wanted to wait until now in case she grew again over the summer. We were invited along to Brantano to get a free fitting. We usually trek into town to Clarks so was relieved to find out that Brantano offered this service identical to Clarks but on a more convenient retail park with a much wider selection including Hush Puppies, Start right, Clarks and Brantano budget range too. 

To start J popped her age into the tablet and stepped on to the measuring block...

The tablet picks up the measurement so there is no miss interpretation.

It was then time to measure the width AND depth. This ensures the shoes fit correctly everywhere.

J measures at a 12 G with an average depth. Wow...
Once we had the measurements we were informed to come back for a re-measurement in 3-4 months time. It was then time to choose the perfect shoes. J instantly fell in love with a  pair of Clarks shoes that were new to this season. They found her size and width and checked the fitting.

Despite them being the size she measured at, the width had to be reduced by two due to the shoe design. They checked the fitting at the toes, back and the bit in between. This will help to avoid any slipping around and avoid any injuries she may have got due to wrongly fitting shoes.

Once she had chosen the pair she wants, we then made a pledge for the Brake charity (a national road safety charity). We pledge to walk to school every day. With this pledge Brantano donates 10p to the charity. This pledge was easy to make as we live so close to school. All you need to do to pledge is upload a picture of your child with their pledge card to Brantano's Facebook or twitter page with #walktoschool or alternatively email it to .
With only a third of British school children walking to school on a regular basis this is worrying. Not only will the lack of regular exercise affect the child, but they will also not be as aware pf the road dangers. This is where Brake is trying to help. With the correct fitting shoes from Brantano the walks will be more comfortable and pain free.

Have you brought your child's school shoes yet? How often do you walk to school?
*We were given a complimentary pair of shoes of our choice in return for this post. All photos, opinions and words are my own.


  1. Clarks are so great at catering for kids - my stepmom swears by them for my little brother and sister! Hope the first day of school goes smoothly :)

    Erin | Islandbell xxx

  2. I normally go to Clarks. Will check this brand out!! Thanks :)

  3. I haven't bought my son's school shoes yet, we are planning to visit Clarks this week but may consider Brantano now!

  4. I haven't bought my son's school shoes yet, we are planning to visit Clarks this week but may consider Brantano now!

  5. I must admit I always go to Clarks for school shoes, they provide a great service and I never worry that my daughters shoes don't fit properly. x

  6. We home educate so no back to school shoes for us, but interesting post, I didn't know Brantano offered a fitting service! I'll definitely check them out

  7. What lovely shoes....It sounds like they offer a great service at Brantano....

  8. We got our school shoes at the mothercare outlet as they were cheap enough on offer to pick up a few pairs.. you know what boys are like! I'll pop in here for future reference though! x

  9. We were always taken to Clarks as we grew up because they were the only shop to measure feet x

  10. Ahh, that reminds me I need pop into Clarks and get my little girls shoes! Great review x

  11. Perfect measuring service; all shoe shops should provide service like this.


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