Wednesday, 12 August 2015

Secret Fairy Door by Interplay

Well this review isn't going to be done in the usual way I do them by putting the girls behind the testing. Its me doing the testing this time. This is because my girlies do not know I have it yet. We have previously had a fairy door that was made out of MDF, and had a paper print out stuck on the front. The magic was there until S pulled the paper off one day, and the magic fairy door could no longer let the fairies in. Due to this reckless behaviour the fairies do not want a communal fairy door, but one especially for J's room. This will make it easier when the tooth fairy is needed too. However, we are due to put a lock on J's door so S cant get in, but that is still on the to-do list and I wouldn't want this special fairy door to have the same fate.

The secret fairy door by Interplay comes in a very pretty box with the fairy door/house on show peeking through a clear window.
Inside the box contains the plastic fairy door, with a cardboard backing and attachments to stick it to a skirting board. A plastic fairy with sparkly wings, a little fairy size hedgehog a toad stall and two "magic keys".

It also comes with a  story book. This book goes through all four seasons about a tree and its fairies. The book is made out of paper, and I think if it had a harder cover it would survive longer with little hands.

and it also comes with three sheets of wall stickers. One is the tree that will be directly above the fairy door, and the other two sheets is so the tree can change between the seasons like t does in the book.

This door will not be like most I have seen as the child can actually play with it too. The special magic keys can actually open the door, and the fairy can be inside or outside the little house.
I cant wait to see J's face when it appears one day. I am sure she will love it. I will post on my social media the final pictures of it all in place when it is up and running.

*Update... she LOVED the door...

If you would like your very own Secret fairy door you can buy it here.
*I was sent the secret fairy door complimentary for the purpose of a review, all words photos and opinions are my own.


  1. That's cute. I guess as it's plastic you could also use it in the garden?

  2. This is so cute. Am sure your kids will love it.

  3. Takes me back to my polly pocket days! Good post :)

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