Saturday, 8 August 2015

Slim Canvas Prints by Snapfish

I love photos. If you haven't gathered that by now, what world do you live in? I love beautiful scenery, and photos with my girls in. We live in a fairly big house with a lot of cream walls. They are crying out for memories to be placed on the walls. We had a beautiful canvas print of the girls done for S's first Christmas, and a couple of smaller ones of them on their own which suited the home we lived in then. We now have too much wall space and they look lost. One of pictures just don't do them justice.

J has recently done a photo shoot for a modelling contract (they took a few of S too for us!) and we have been given copyright of the photos. This was perfect as I could now fill one of the blank walls with some up to date photos. The hardest part was again choosing what photos to use.
We chose the three above mainly because S is actually looking at the camera and not posing like a dinosaur. We will show her character on another more fun wall, but wanted these to look elegant as it will be pride of place in the lounge. 
We also wanted to incorporate the two single portraits we had done of the girls at a younger age so we could gradually grow our "professional" photo gallery as the girls grow up. As this project is sponsored by Snapfish I was given a budget, otherwise I could have gone nuts with Daddy M's credit card. This meant plenty of planning. I trawled Pinterest and made a board just for photo galleries.  Grabbed my squared paper, and got scribbling down sizes and prices. There was many ideas I wanted. I opted to go with the bottom design which incorporated our originals.
The slim canvas prints arrived within days of ordering. The larger print arriving by parcel force, and the two smaller ones separately by royal mail. This surprised me, and to start with I thought they got my order wrong. Thankfully they all arrived on the same day before I made contact. 
The next task was to lay them out to see exactly how they would look. The design I originally wanted I suddenly wasn't keen on again mainly because the slim canvases, although made into sepia (my favourite at the moment) they were so much brighter and slimmer compared to the thicker original canvases.
I played around a little more, and stumbled across the bottom design.

I like the final design. It shows the time line. The first line back in Dec 2012, the next line 2015. I can really see this continuing throughout the girls lives.
We live in rented accommodation and since moving in we have had some movement within the house. This has stopped me putting any more tacks or nails in the walls. I have stumbled across command which uses Velcro like tape that causes no damage. I followed instructions and managed to get it all up. However one by one the larger ones fell. They were just to heavy for the "non damage" method I had chosen. Therefore we currently have this design up until I can find another way of hanging without damage.
The slim canvases are much slimmer at 0.7" so would be ideal in hallways too whereas the originals would be too thick for a passing wall. They are also much easier to hang. The canvas's we chose were 16x20 on portrait and 8x8. They have eight sizes and can be changed to landscape, portrait or square.
Do you use canvas's for your memories? How do you hang your memories? Stand alone or gallery?
*I was given a voucher for Snapfish to purchase the slim canvas's. All photos, words and opinions are my own.



  1. Awww how cute are these girls, really lovely pictures. Its nice that you were able to print them, I love snapfish they gave me a budget last year and I used it wisely.

  2. Theres some great pictures here. I love professional photos x


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