Tuesday, 11 August 2015

Too fat to run?

If you follow me on Instagram, you will know I am attempting to become a runner by all the treadmill pictures. I am taking place in a sponsored colour run on 31st August in Warrington, where you can sponsor me here. I am not a natural runner, and when I do it its a mind over body battle on which will last the longest.
I enjoy the feeling after a run, although I can not run very far nor am I fast. That is hopefully going to change though. I have been selected to be part of an experiment with Too fat to run. A running programme just for plus size runners. Yes we do exist and many can run a lot further and faster then I can now. I have been kitted out with some very bright running gear, and I will be starting the process from the 1st September. I am not sure what this will entail, but I am up for a challenge. All that can happen is that i will improve m distance and/or speed.

I have had my varicose vein surgery approved so will need to get myself in the fittest condition I can for my general anaesthetic surgery. Scary stuff!

There is seven other bloggers joining me on this challenge and you can meet them all here. Scary stuff.... wish us luck!



  1. good luck hun, you can run a lot better then I can lol x

  2. Good luck! It doesn't matter how fast, or how far you run! It matters that you are getting active! I might give something like this a try too!

  3. Nobody is too fat to run. I completed the London Half Marathon two years ago at 13 stone and a few 10ks. I am looking forward to hear from you after the run on the 31st of August. Enjoy it! You will feel amazing afterwards.

    Nadine x

    What Nadine Loves

  4. I've never been a fan of running - I prefer to swim (as a fat person!), but my friend took up running a couple of years ago and seemed to love it. Good luck with your challenge!

  5. good luck with the colour run. i've always thought they looked like a lot of fun. x


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