Wednesday, 21 October 2015

Doc McStuffins Pet Vet Twitter Party

Last week saw us host our very first twitter party. I was very nervous as I didn't really know what to expect apart from it being very fast moving. Due to this and the time of the twitter party we hosted our party before the event so I could concentrate on tweeting. The kids were full of excitement as they walked home together from school. J was able to show off her new toys from her birthday whilst the adults had a cuppa first. Then it was straight into party time, Doc McStuffins Pet Vet style!

The first game was pin the plaster on the boo-boo. All the children decided his boo-boo would be on his bum! Oh the minds of 5-6 year olds. We blindfolded them, and spun them... but there was some cheating going on so hands had to be used over their eyes too...

The children absolutely loved playing this game. Some got it very close, others were way off.

The closest plaster then was rewarded with the pet vet big book of boo-boos. This went down VERY well. The pen also has a stamper in it too.

After the boo-boo game the children were excited for the next game... Pet Vet Bag memory game. This is where the children all got to look inside the pet vet bag and take a look at all the instruments. An adult would remove an item, and then the children had to guess what was missing. We decided the adult would need to hide under a blanket to stop any peeking going on. (Thank you H for doing this so I could take photos!)

The children were so competitive at this game. Again they loved it. They even continued to play it after the game was over.
After the games it was then time for dinner and cake.

After the fun and games of the party it was then time to make the "pets" better again. Jinxy cat needed to be admitted so the light up band was needed to be put on.

We were also sent an interactive Pet vet Doc McStuffins doll with her pets. I have managed to sneak this away for an amazing Christmas present as it arrived after we hosted our party. I cant wait to see the girls reactions.
If you would like to know more about the new Doc McStuffins Pet Vet range you can check it out here.

The twitter party itself hosted by UKMumsTV was a great success. It was good to see everyone else joining in whether they were a host or just at home following along. Lots of prizes were also given out. Thank you for inviting us along to be part of it UK Mums TV.

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  1. It looks like you had a lovely time and managed to keep the kids occupied! x


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