Tuesday, 27 October 2015

Nick Jr Pumpkin Party at home!

Wow, our Nick Jr pumpkin party was a success!! We had invited J's friends along but due to short notice and a non convenient date it turned out to be just the girls. This would not stop our fun though. We made the cakes the night before, a perfect after school activity.

How cool do they look?

Our party kicked off with colouring in some Nick Jr. print outs.

We then stuck the wart on the Wallykazam...

Done a paw patrol ghost hunt... This went very well and I will do something similar again...
J literally found the apple... completely unaware..

...that lurking nearby was a ghosty paw patrol leading to the next clue...

..with the end result being the Paw patrol treat jar!

After the ghost hunt it was time to calm down again and make some pumpkin lanterns. The girls were a little disappointed they were not real pumpkins though!

We had great fun being at home hosts to the party and joining in with @ukmumstv on twitter. Did you manage to tune in to catch it all?
Don't forget to check out Nick Jr. UK for some more fun and activities!

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