Thursday, 14 January 2016

Making the house a home

We have been in our house almost two years now. Where has the time gone? OK, it's not our house, but it should be our home. We live in it, we pay the rent and bills, we clean it and the girls mess it up. It feels like home but then it doesn't. All our furniture from our previous houses is in it, but that's it. It has just been plonked in a spot as there is no where else to put it, rather then buying a piece for a set room. Our house should be one to be proud of.
It's larger then I ever expected to live in before I'm 30. It has two large reception rooms plus a kitchen diner, and a hallway as big as some front rooms. So why doesn't our home feel like a home? -One we can be proud of.

This year that is all going to change. We are re-vamping the house. Not decorating it as we are not allowed, but de-cluttering and coming up with better storage solutions. Upstairs the girls will be having wardrobes in their bedrooms. They have been making do with a clothes rail each as we never needed wardrobes before as they came fitted with the previous houses. However, we seem settled here now so its about time we gave them more permanent furniture. I am hoping with the clothes out of sight they will look instantly less cluttered.
Daddy M and myself have brought a new bed frame as our sleigh bed is taking up too much room, (we wont mention that the cat has clawed the leather to pieces!). We will then have room for a chest of draws in our room to again assist with the clothes clutter, and make-up that is piling up onto windowsills.
The next room to tackle will be the hallway. After all that is the first room guests and ourselves see when we walk into the house. Our hallway includes the stairs and I have seen a perfect shoe storage system utilising the underneath of the stair case. How cool is this?

Storage under stairs : Storage by Fraher Architects Ltd
Picture courtesy of + Homify
Now as much as I love that design, it is not possible whilst renting so I had to look at other shoe storage ideas. There is so many ways to store shoes. I love the look of the shoe storage bench as the girls can sit down and pop their shoes on once they have retrieved them. Then I get thinking and wonder if they will just dump their shoes in leading to a mad search through in the morning. Maybe I should just sweet talk the landlord....
 The next room will be the toy room. Oh where do I start there?
*Post in collaboration with Homify.

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