Thursday, 4 February 2016

DisneyLife review

I've been a bit naughty. Back in December I was asked if I would like to review Disney Life. After just returning from Disney World, Florida I knew it would be a big hit for the girls. Also we had a few long journeys ahead of us, hotel room stays and I was pretty much laid up after my leg surgery it was a god send. However I haven't actually reviewed it although it has made my life so much easier with the girls whilst out and about.

Disney Life is an app you can download on your electronic device. (We have tried it out on the I phone 5 &6, and the I pad air). Its a pay per month subscription service of £9.99, we received a 6 month gift set, but you can also trial it free for a month too.
The subscription service then allows you unlimited Disney films, cartoons, story books, music and even a free Disney app each month on your device and up to 9 other devices. WOW!! This means I can have it on my phone, Daddy M can have it on his, as well as the I pad. The girls can also use it at the same time using different devices (can stream on 4 devices at the same time) which saves arguments.
We first found the benefits of this little app when J was doing her nativity. S was bored of all the waiting and a little story book helped her stay sat down before it started without the bulkiness of carrying books when the chairs are compacted in.
We also listened to a Mickeys Christmas songs in the run up to Christmas. It helped put us all in the Christmas mood at the press of the button. Its also saved my bacon when one of J's friends asked me to play a song so they could all sing along. I don't usually have music on my phone so yep... good old Rapunzel "Mother knows best" came to the rescue!
Whilst staying in the hotel the app chilled the girls out with a film whilst I got ready.
The only downside to the app that I have found is that you can not stream it to your TV, however this means you have to snuggle up and watch films together.
Disney Life keeps coming out to save me when out and about. A little tip though is download films, music and books they will like when you have Wi-Fi otherwise it does eat into your data allowance... (Lesson learnt here!)
The app can have 6 different users under one account so each user can have their own favourites stored.
As an extra bonus too... you get 10% off any purchase at the Disney Store if you have the subscription!
Have you tried out Disney Life?? Check out the one month trial here
*We were gifted a 6 month trial for Disney Life for the purpose of an honest review. All words, photos and opinions are my own.


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