Thursday, 25 February 2016

Paint and Play Dinosaurs

S loves dinosaurs. When I say love, I mean besotted. When we had the opportunity to review something dinosaur based I knew she would be thrilled. Little did I know J would be too. Paint and play Dinosaurs by Interplay arrived at the perfect time. Both girls were off school and nursery but had started to perk up. Resting was no longer an option, however I was exhausted as I had been up and down all night soothing them. It needed to be something easy to clean and tidy up, didn't take much effort but entertain them both.
The box contains everything you may need, paints, a paint brush, 3 dinosaurs to paint, two small cavemen to play along side the painted dinosaurs and instructions. The instructions pretty much said go with your imagination as we don't actually know what colours the dinosaurs were... 
After a few arguments over which dinosaur they would paint I took the third dinosaur. They were then let loose with the paint....

The concentration was immense. They loved painting it. They were certainly colourful!

We left them over night to dry and they then joined the herd of dinosaurs to be played with.
There was hardly any mess to clean up, was just a little bit on the table and the brushes. Perfect afternoon activity when your energy levels are lacking!
The set retails for £7.99 which averages each dinosaur being around £2.66 which is a bargain, plus the craft activity included in that price too.
If you would like to purchase the Dinosaur paint and play, you can do so here.

*We were gifted the Dinosaur paint and play set for the purpose of review. All words, photos and opinions are my own.

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