Wednesday, 30 March 2016

Easter at National Forest Adventure Farm

The girls adore most animals which makes it very easy to LOVE the National Forest Adventure Farm in Staffordshire. We have been almost every season for the past year and know we will walk away having a great day out. Last years Easter visit can be seen here. This year they have made some changes and it is an even better day out for it. We visited Good Friday this year and it was VERY busy. The queue was half way around the car park!! Daddy doesn't do crowds and was tempted to go home before even going in, however the girls persuaded him to stay knowing what was inside the gates.
The staff managed to get the queue moving by letting people in the side entrance who had pre-booked, which included us too, yeay! Once inside the crowds quickly dispersed so it didn't feel over crowded. After all there is so much to do.

Our first port of call was to the animal barn for the lamb feeding. This is one of the areas they have invested in, add it has paid off. Its a first come first served basis now, compared to the push to the front to try and get a bottle. In the queue you are now given a number between 1-8, each number is given out 8-10(?) times and when the numbers have gone, its full. (They have many sessions throughout the day) They also provide seats. Two numbers are called at once and the children come and sit on hay bails. All the ones on one side, all the twos on the other. Its then a race to see what lamb drinks the milk the quickest. The bottle is still passed along the line but there is no pushing and shoving and every child gets a go.  

Wednesday, 16 March 2016

Exploring our local countryside

S was in an outdoor mood. Kept asking to go outside to play. In and out the back door that was to be kept shut to keep the cats in, making me worry about trapped fingers or escaped cats. It was too cold to keep the doors open like the day before. The sun had hid behind the clouds and the temperature had dropped. J was at school and daddy at work, so it was just S and myself. My step counting watch was beeping at me telling me I've not moved enough. That's it, we were going off to explore by foot. We have lived here almost 2 years now but we are still finding little gems. With my running routes getting longer, I need to find new routes. I've made mistakes before looking at footpaths online, then getting there and they are not runnable. This time we are going to go and have a look first. Scooter in tow to pull S along when she gets tired. (We have to come up with other ideas other then pushchairs after she refused to get in one once she turned 2).