Thursday, 12 May 2016

Bratz Remix doll review

J is 6.5 years old. Where has that time gone? She  rarely actually "plays" these days. This is a sad occasion as she would rather listen to music singing at the top of her voice and play on her DS or write stories, draw and colour then actually play. However on the occasion her friends come over the dolls usually come out. We were offered to review the Bratz remix doll and I thought this would be an ideal doll for those occasions.

Now my photos are not that great as the girls spotted the doll that had arrived and wanted to play with it straight away. 
We were sent Cloe. Dressed in a pink tutu, a blue cropped top and brown boots I thought she looked funky. (I know some that think she is too under dressed, but as long as we bring up our girls to value themselves and respect their bodies I see no harm in playing with dolls dressed like this). The girls didn't comment on her clothes but loved the headphones that came with her as they had ears on top. Cloe also came with a phone and a hairbrush.

The phone is small and will probably get lost in our box of dolls and accessories.  Cloe has jointed legs so can bend, but they don't pop off like another well known brand. Her arms are however not manoeuvrable.  With her head larger then proportion she is a true Bratz doll. The girls loved playing with her.

On the box she came in advertised the Bratz app. This app is free to download on apple. The girls can design their own Bratz doll, fill her room with items, take photos and do challenges to earn points. Looks great fun.

So with Cloe being a music themed doll we also have some music themed questions to answer.

•What song makes you happy? - I love Bryan Adams Summer of 69
•What song makes you want to dance? Anything with a good rhythm to it.
•What song makes you want to sing? For some strange reason Frozen, Let it Go....

What's your favourite song??

*We were sent the Bratz remix doll for the purpose of a review. All words, photos and opinions are my own.


  1. This sounds awesome. I would have loved one of these when i was a kid x

  2. I have so many favourite songs, I think it changes daily! It would definitely be poppy though.

  3. Feed her to S's dinosaur.....! I think these "girls" look weird - anorexic lollipop heads! I know they are only dolls, but I'm glad that J does so many other things...!


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