Wednesday, 15 June 2016

My Fairy Garden Lilypad Gardens Review

We were sent a Lilypad Garden which is the latest product to be launched from the 'My fairy garden' range, to test it out. Lilypad Gardens is a large flower pot with its very own fairy that resides in the bottom. Arriving in a big colourful box with the fairy and a pinwheel on show the girls were instantly drawn to it.

The box comes with instructions on how you could plant various plants to make it like a roof garden. The flower pot comes as three parts which slot together. A main top section which is where you fill it with compost and plant what you wish, the mid section which is the fairy's home, and a saucer which acts as a moat, the door to the home at the bottom acts as a bridge across. To bring the flower pot to life Lily the summer fairy and the sun flower pin wheel is included along with a frog and a lily pad perfect for floating in the moat.

 efore we even started planting the girls were already playing with Lily and the home section.

After reading Farmers wife and Mummy post about adding height to a potted garden, we decided we would add some height to the fairy garden so we could have even more flowers so inserted another standard pot on top of the top section with some mini dahlias and some pansies in the lower top section. This added more depth to the colours.  

We then placed the flower pot in its home, added the accessories and Lily to her new home...

...and watered....

J wanted to bring the moat alive and watered the saucer too....

We also replanted S's My Fairy flower pot as I forgot to water the plant and it died. So they are now neighbours and live outside.

The girls love them as they can interact with them. They know they are the flowers and pots they can touch, and will hopefully leave my roses and mini dahlias alone.

Since we planted the Lily garden (several weeks ago now) the girls still play with them, we do have arguments over whos fairy is whos but they haven't lost interest, and the flowers have been kept watered. Yeay!  The moat is now filled with rain water which makes J happy.

Priced at £19.99 and available through Interplay it makes a great addition to any child friendly garden.

*We were sent a Lilypad garden for the purpose of an honest review. All words, opinions and photos are my own.

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