Thursday, 9 June 2016

Unicorn Onesie Review

As a mum, I like ease and convenience with the kids especially when it comes to dressing. J on the other hand likes to be cool and "funky" with her own unique style. Our latest review item, a unicorn Kigurumi onesie ticks all the boxes.
J doesn't often wear onesies but they are perfect for after her swimming lessons as they can be thrown on to go home in afterwards, rather then putting her school uniform back on again afterwards. J also uses them like a dressing gown if she is cold on a morning or evening.

 The animal onesie from Tickled pink fancy dress is great. With its fleecy material it is soft on the skin which makes it super comfortable to wear. It has the Kigurumi style to the bottoms (in my terms, its loose or baggy which gives air to circulate easily and even more comfortable as it feels like your not wearing trousers). The unicorn onesie also has elasticated wrist and ankle cuffs which prevents any accidental slips on floor whilst barefoot as it cant slip past the ankle.

 The colours are bright and co-ordinate well, with a white belly and pink lining to the hood and cuffs, as well as a fluffy mane and tail. Topped off with a yellow horn that stands tall, just like a unicorns (we don't like floppy unicorn horns!). Buttons are used to close the onesie up along the front

The onesie comes in three sizes. Two are children sizes, and the third an adult standard size. Who doesn't like a great slouchy onesie? S has already put her request in for one... she wants the dinosaur onesie. We will have to wait and see what Father Christmas brings. Priced at £32.99 for the Kigurumi animal onesies it is on the more expensive side for children's clothes. The quality though speaks for itself, with many animal designs I'm sure there is one that would suit your child.

Why be yourself, when you could be a unicorn?? Or even better... Yourself AS A unicorn?

*We were sent the unicorn onesie for the purpose of review. All photo, words and opinions are my own.

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