Thursday, 21 July 2016

Num Noms Lip Gloss Truck Review

As you may be well aware by now, S adores Num Noms, the latest collectable toy. After Num Noms found out how much she enjoys them they sent us the Num Noms Lip Gloss Truck to try out too. To say she was just a tiny bit excited would be an understatement. We had to get it out the same day it arrived before J could even get home from school to try it out.

It comes in a large box and gives the WOW factor. Along with the actual truck the pack includes one num, 3 x lip gloss pots 2 in a shape of an ice  cream cone, and 1 as a sundae bowl, two flavours; cherry and vanilla, lip gloss sprinkles, and a tub of lip gloss which makes 8 servings.

Each of the ingredients has its own special place within the truck, all on display.

The lip gloss truck has everything you need to make your own lip glosses. As S has used up pretty much all hers she had in the surprise packs it was time to make some more. The instructions were straight forward and with a little bit of guidance, S (aged 4 ) made it all by herself.
The first step was to put the amount of lip gloss in the cupcake ready for mixing. This is also part of decoration that sits on top of the truck.  

Next, S had to decide what flavour she wanted to make it. Vanilla or cherry. She chose cherry this time. Then we counted the drops into the mixture.

After the flavour was all mixed in, it was time for some sparkles, she sprinkled the fine glitter into the gloss and then mixed it again.

After the mixture was well mixed it was time to put it in the truck ready to be pressed into the holder.

When you then push the ice cream press down, the lip gloss then comes out. (S did press to hard without holding the other side of the truck and we did have everything flying everywhere at one point - lesson in balance!)  

After the lip gloss was all out, it was time to pop the lid on, and stack the num.

...and of course try it out... It tasted delicious. and made her lips very shiny!

Due to her age, we have decided to keep the ingredients to one side to make sure it is supervised. However she did love playing with the truck and her other num noms after it was all cleaned up!

It makes it even better that it does actually roll when pushed too, which has brought hours of fun. You can purchase the lip gloss truck from amazon or Toys R Us.

*We were sent the lip gloss truck for the purpose of review. All words, photos and opinions are my own.

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  1. That is so cute. Wish they had Num Noms when I was little haha!


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