Wednesday, 6 July 2016

Puppy in my Pocket review

Puppy in my pocket is nothing new, its been around for years. However they are returning with more then 100 to collect, including the super rare glitter puppies. S has her little collectables, now its time for J to have something as her own. She adores all types of dogs and is always stopping strangers in the parks and on walks to stroke their dogs so when I heard about the puppies in my pocket range we excitedly said yes please to review.
We were sent two blind packs which include 1 puppy in each. These retail at £2.49 each which makes it perfect pocket money or reward toy. We were also sent the cute puppy carrier set which includes the bright pink and purple bag with two special 'on show' pouches, and 4 puppies. This retails at £12.99.

The four puppies in the carrier set were excitedly popped out. The set meant she instantly had a collection going.

The detail is incredible for such a small toy. The detail to the fur, and the rolls of fat meant they just needed a photo shoot of their very own to even try and capture the detail.

Yet, small enough to still fit in a child's hand..

 With the two blind packs, J now has 6 puppies to call her own.

The carry case in the set means she has somewhere to store them when she has finished playing with the puppies. Popping her two favourite inside the showcase windows.

However they are not in the case often as they do like to play with them.

We have already promised more blind packs for good behaviour. She is eager to find the rare glitter puppies and wants them all already.

Do your little ones collect anything?

*We were sent the carry case and puppies for the purpose of an honest review. All words, photos and opinions are my own.

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