Thursday, 14 July 2016

Shreks Adventure Review

We were invited down to London to experience the Shrek's Adventure attraction. We are big fans of Shrek in the M household with the adult humour that keeps us entertained as well as being innocent for the children to enjoy too, but I'll be honest with you. I had no idea what Shrek's Adventure was. However I saw myself saying yes please, as I know if its anything by DreamWorks it would be good.

We were given pre booked tickets with a specific time slot as it is a very busy attraction. The timeslot is the time we are allowed to start queuing and with security on the door we were unable to slip in early. However, I do like the strictness of the timeslot. With only 40 people booked into a slot it makes the whole experience more enjoyable.
The experience lasts around 75 minutes and is aimed at children aged 6 and above, however younger children can still experience the attraction, but may get scared in places.
After ten minutes queuing inside the building we were escorted to a lift which took us to the tour floor. On that floor we then joined another queue. This is the area where prams can be left as they are not allowed on the experience.
It is also here where you get your photo taken with Donkey, however you can not take your own photos, you can purchase this at the end of the experience. (Donkey is a statue). After the photo you are then put in a holding pen whilst all the other families within the group of 40 have their photos taken with Donkey.
After everyone is ready a tour operator gets everyone geared up for some fun. As well as asking everyone to turn their phones off, camera off and no recording equipment to allow everyone to enjoy the fun.

We are guided into a large room past a lady in costume. J instantly recognises her as Princess Fiona. This is where the real story starts. We need to get to 'Far Far Away'. As a group we sing to make the magic start the bus. (The words are on a large screen incase you are not crazy fans) and we are then filtered onto the cinema bus, picking up 3D glasses as we go. I wont give too much of the story away, but here you see other Dreamwork characters like Kung Fu Panda and Madagascar. The experience comes to life with cinematics, burst of air, water sprays and aromas. It became too much for little S who is a sensory seeker. She covered her ears and buried her face into me to get out of the zone. However, J was loving it, with a  big grin from ear to ear, and fits of giggles. The bus ride took about 5 minutes where afterwards we then moved onto the next room. This is where I can understand why they say no pushchairs. The whole experience is like a maze, moving from one room to another in a structured way, going through the story trying to find Shrek. The actors and actresses stayed in character the entire time making it a really good memorable experience. So much so, S thought it was real and got scared again with the fortune teller and the foggy mist.
The final room we get to sit down until 'rats' run underneath us. (No actual rats in this experience) and we get to see Shrek. The time went quick and it didn't feel like we were there for 75 minutes as it flowed well.
As the experience comes to a finish we walk through a corridor with music blasting, welcoming us home. At the end of the corridor is a Shrek we can pose with, with our own cameras. Our only memorabilia of the experience unless we paid for the photo with Donkey too. However the memories we made didn't have a camera in our faces or phones in our hands. We could soak every little detail in, including the smells of the bakery scene.

We leave the experience through the gift shop with two happy but tired girls. The experience really puts all the senses through its paces.
We visited 3 attractions when we went to London, both girls said we saved the best to last. 

Shrek's Adventure is located in County hall, near Westminster bridge so it does get very busy. Booking a time slot is advisable, even if you are a Merlin Pass holder as it does get booked up.

If you were visiting London we would recommend this experience.

*We were given complimentary tickets for the purpose of an honest review. All words, photos and opinions are my own.


  1. Oooh, I've seen this but never been there. I always wondered if it was any good. I think my kids may be a bit too old to go, but I must admit that there is a part of me that wants to visit!

  2. I really enjoyed Shrek. This looks like a great place to go for younger children.

  3. I've never heard of anything like this but it does sound like a lot of fun!

    Jess xo | The Indigo Hours

  4. This sounds like a different take on the regular museums and kids attractions. I can't say I'd be keen to queue up for very long, but it sounds like everyone had a good time! :)

  5. I've looked into this a few times and it looks really good. Great to hear positive things about it x

  6. Gosh my daughter would love this, she's a huge Shrek fan-)

  7. I have never heard of this but live Shrek. We went too see the musical last year - anazing.

  8. How have I never heard of this?! It sounds fantastic and my children would love this experience! I love that you get to pose with shrek. What a wonderful experience :) xx

  9. This sounds really great. But I hate it when places won't let you take your own photos


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