Sunday, 7 August 2016

Baby Born Interactive Sister Review

Did you know today is national sister day?? Well J and S are sisters so we were sent the new Baby Born Sister doll to celebrate. We have recently discovered Baby born and the baby was a big hit. (Review coming soon after more intensive testing!)

The girls were instantly excited when they saw her. The box was huge. J insisted it was her dolly, which of course caused arguments. Eventually they settled that they both could play with Baby Born sister whilst it was new, but then it would be J's as the baby new born original is S's.
The sister doll is the same size as the new born baby which makes it convenient for changing clothes and accessories. The doll comes with shoes, the interactive bottle which enables you to feed her water, a hair brush, some clips and hair ties. Dressed in jeans/leggings and a top too.

After the initial photos were taken the girls pounced... the shoes had to go on first before anything else.

After she was then dressed S clipped her fringe up and J wanted to feed her...

Just like the new born baby doll, the sister doll can really drink water from her special bottle, and if you squeeze her right arm she then cries the water back out again.

The main difference between the baby doll and the sister doll is the hair. The girls played for hours doing different hair styles for her.

She was a big hit here with the girls. I can see many more hours play with the baby and the big sister.
The sister doll retails at £44.99 and is out this month. You can pre-order from Smyth's now here.

Do you have a sister? Have you said happy sister day today?

*We were sent the Sister doll for the purpose of review... all words, photos and opinions are my own.


  1. Bless them - what a lovely idea to get them to play together.

  2. so cute, they are playing absolutely good and this was great to see all those photos
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