Wednesday, 14 September 2016

Baby Born Interactive Review

We were sent the Baby Born Interactive doll to review after pre-school mentioned how well S liked to care for a dolly whilst there. This included bathing it over and over again. She could do this at home now too with the Baby Born Interactive doll.
The doll comes in a very large box which certainly makes it a WOW factor with little ones. Inside the box is the interactive doll with a baby grow and hat, dummy, bottle, plate/bowl spoon, a nappy, a potty, porridge and a matching bracelet for the child which the doll is also wearing, along with a catalog and instructions.

The girls instantly wanted to get interactive with the doll. First of all they had to feed the doll water through the bottle. This was straight forward as long as they kept the dolly sitting up right and squeezed the bottle slightly. So easy S managed it all by herself, having cuddles at the same time.

Once the doll was filled with water they had to decide what the dolly then wanted to do, cry or wee. We decided to test out the real tears. Even I was impressed, all it took was a squeeze of an arm like in a pumping motion... (It was tough to start with but became easier over practise eventually being soft enough for S to do it again by herself)

...and then like magic, real tears. Her baby grow being very wet very quick.

After the tears we tried out the potty. The doll sits nicely on top of her potty unaided and then does the deed with the press of her belly button.  

The girls were mesmerised. They were in love. I decided not to try out the porridge so I do apologise. I didn't want the hassle of clearing the doll out afterwards, or having to pay for top ups when they wanted more. However I found that the water bottle feeding, potty and tears was more then enough to keep them occupied over summer. As the doll is hard bodied she can also go in the bath or swimming pool. Perfect for my S who likes to role play.

Retailing at £44.99 she is an expensive doll but I think worth every penny due to all the features. You can tell the doll is durable and will last the test of time, with lots of accessories the girls will never get tired of playing with her.

Thank you Baby Born for sending us the interactive doll to try.

*We were sent the Baby Born Interactive doll for the purpose of review. All words, photos and opinions are my own.

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