Sunday, 20 November 2016

Making Yoghurt with EasiYo

S loves yoghurt. She would eat them all day long if she was allowed. Instead of making cakes we tried making yoghurt. This is how easy it is. We were gifted a set from EasiYo.

The set includes a limited edition yoghurt pod, and a yoghurt container. They also sent us two sachets to help get us started.

The first step was deciding which flavour to try first. S decided on apricot. The next step was filling the yoghurt pot to the half way line with water.

Then add S the sachet mix.

I topped up with water, and she shook to her hearts content.

I filled the pod to the line indicated with boiling water, then S inserted the pot into it...

Then we waited...

The result in the morning was yummy yoghurt!

It was a little more thinner then we were used to so S took some persuading to eat it. She enjoyed making it, and it is delicious. We have used EasiYo many times in the past, especially when J was a baby and I followed Slimming World as the low fat yoghurts were free (unsure if they still are!) Grandma uses the yoghurt sachets to make ice cream too!

Does your little one like yoghurt? Have you tried making your own before?

EasiYo can be brought from Holland and Barratt, The Range and Lakeland.

*We were sent the kit and two sachets for the purpose of a review. All words, photos and opinions are my own.

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