Sunday, 6 November 2016

Northern Ballet - Goldilocks and the Three Bears Mini Critic Review

In half term we went to the Northern Ballet in Leeds to see the children's ballet, Goldilocks and the three bears. This is where it has started the tour of Britain, which ends in June 2017. We were invited along by Northern Ballets sponsor First Direct with the girls being chosen as #fdminicritics. All we had to do was attend and get the girls opinions.

Therefore I will leave it to J (aged 7) to tell you about our day... (I have typed whilst she has dictated to me, I have prompted her in places)

First we went to the drawing tables where we were able to do colouring and a printed maze in the theme of goldilocks and the three bears.

Then we went to the bean bag area where we had to throw the bean bags through a hole. I loved this part. Other children started joining in too and I found it extremely funny when we took it in turns to throw the bean bag at each other through the hole.


Then we were able to make our themed head bands in the craft room. We could choose either a bear or goldilocks blonde hair. We decided to be bears. Mummy was almost goldilocks but it was very busy in the craft room so she decided against it.

We were still early for the show so mummy brought us a teddy bear biscuit to enjoy in the café whilst we waited and she had a much needed coffee after the stress of trying to park the car in a town she didn't know on a Friday afternoon.

In the waiting area they had a big "daddy bear" chair that we were allowed to sit on. S didn't want to sit on it but I did.

We were then called to enter the show area. We were at the back of the raised seating area. There wasn't as many chairs as I thought there would be, (which made it more intimate). The stage was well lit and we could see people with musical instruments sat at the front too.

The show had no talking but they told the story with dancing and expressions. I found it easy to follow the story line.
Baby bears dancing was funny and he had me laughing lots. He was my favourite character in the show.
I cant believe the dancers went right on their tippy toes, they were dancing like fairies. I cant dance like that, they were amazing! The show wasn't too long either.

As mummy is a blogger we could stay behind with other bloggers and their children to see how it works behind the scenes. I got picked to do some demonstrations. I was able to pull open the curtains using a rope. I also got picked to try and push a door across the room, it was very heavy and I couldn't do it by myself. The dancers do it by themselves and made it look very easy whilst dancing. 


Afterwards I could switch the light sequence from the control room which is how they made the light change during the show.

Over to mummy:

J has explained it pretty well to be honest. The Northern ballet had set up activities to do whilst waiting for the show. We were advised to arrive an hour before the start, but I believe 30 mins would have been adequate, however if everyone arrived then it would be manic.
The theatre we saw it in was a lot smaller then I had expected, and I am led to believe some theatres on the tour could be smaller. This makes it appropriate for younger children who may not cope as well with large crowds.
The price is very family friendly too and wont break a budget. The length of the show was 40 mins which was about right. Towards the end younger children were starting to drop out and the parents would usher them out quickly. It kept S's attention (4) well although she did have to sit on my knee as the booster seat still wasn't quit tall enough with an adult in front.
The ballet was mesmerising. I've never been to a ballet before so I have nothing to compare it too but I left impressed.
Would I recommend? Yes. They are touring all over the UK with the beauty and the beast show and I think this is a perfect insight into ballet shows. The girls loved getting dressed up, (its not a must) and watching something a bit different to the panto or cinema. Are they coming near you? Check it here.

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