Monday, 5 December 2016

Portable North Pole Review

Its well and truly the run up to Christmas now. We have embraced it fully with the girls still both believing. This may be J's last year as next year she will be in the "big kids" playground and you never know what gets discussed there! To embrace the magic we have used the Portable North Pole. The Portable North Pole creates magical and personalised videos for your children using the information you supply.

We have used them before when J was just 3. I remember that first ever reaction when Santa popped up on the screen and started to talking to her. Magical! Back then we used the free service. We wouldn't be able to get away with that anymore as its the same video every time, with just name changes, and some photos changed. This would spoil the magic for the girls now they are both older, or it would cause upset if only one of them got it and the other didn't. (However if your child is an only child this wouldn't cause an issue!)

This year we were gifted a magic pass which retails at £9.99. This is worth every penny and I would pay for this pass. The pass enables you to have unlimited videos, and there are plenty of different ones. We managed to get both J and S to have a "first video" which was different. This is where Santa recognises them, says the child's name, mentions where they live (a photo also helps!) and which gift they would like. The most important part is he tells them which list they are on currently. There is also a story line along the video with silly elves. The girls have loved re-watching the video over and over again showing everyone who would watch it.

We also have more videos we can send throughout the month to keep them on track. Another part of magic included in the magic pass is unlimited phone calls. You can choose from a long list of themed calls, whether its encouragement, improving behaviour hints, congratulations or birthday wishes. which are personalised to the child again. With a magic pass, you only need one for a family not per child which makes it very cost efficient.

We have used the service for the past 4 years and it never tires. this year with the help of the app we managed to capture the reactions too. It unfortunately didn't save S's who started to talk back to Santa however it did capture J's. Magical and one for us to treasure!

Have you created a PNP video for your little ones yet?

*We were gifted a magic pass for the purpose of review. All words, photos and opinions are my own.

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