Wednesday, 17 May 2017

2017 the year I give to MY transformation

At the start of the year I set myself a resolution. I want to be the best version of me I can be!

For those that followed me last year you will know that I am unhappy with the way my body is now, and this affects my confidence. I have followed numerous diets in the past;

They all worked for the short term, but I could not commit forever, or even until I was completely happy. I enjoyed the support of the Body Confidence Plan but the price meant once my review was up, I could not afford to continue getting the support. This meant I was setting myself up for failure. 

This year has already been a mixture of diets. Oh, I will never learn. I started in January (well actually December, the week before Christmas to be exact) with Slimming World. The weight came of gradually with the odd big jump down on the scales. It worked slowly but I found I was constantly grazing and couldn't really have the foods I craved so it became an all or nothing which led to binges, and weight gain... and then the bad moods as I felt like a failure. This also meant I had to attend groups which meant I either took the girls with me, or I had to spend more time away from them on a weekend, after working all week, this is not what we wanted. I decided slimming world wasn't for me especially after a week off the diet whist on holiday (not excessive on the food front just enjoying the fresh breads and a few alcoholic drinks) and returned to a huge gain on the scales, almost back to the starting point! 
On returning I started to hunt for a lifestyle change that offered support. One that would fit the busy mum lifestyle, lead me to eat foods with the family, the odd takeaway, fresh breads and not feel guilty. Also one which would not break the bank whilst we save for our house deposit! 

I found someone I hadn't heard of before.. Richie and Rachel... They offer their support on Facebook... ALL FOR £3.50 a month!!!!! Whhhaaaatttt?? Less then a slimming world meeting for one week. (I believe they now have a sign up admin fee for £15 though due to many time wasters). For this £3.50 a month you get support, you get advice... you get science... you get challenges. You get results. 
They are all about educating. They wont tell you what to eat, what will you learn from that? Instead they show you how to work out your calories you need and then the macros to fit you. All this via a fitbit (most accurate with HR) or the online calculator (less accurate) and My Fitness Pal (a free app). 

I had also signed up for a personal trainer committing well and truly to myself.  Unfortunately after a month I decided it wasn't working out. I wasn't getting what I was paying for so after three, one hour sessions I pulled the plug. (I was promised home work out plans and nutritional input too)

I couldn't work out what exercise plan I should follow but knew I enjoyed the weight training. I dabbled in a few of the fitness blenders workout videos on YouTube (Free) but hated the burpees and the not knowing what you would be doing next in the workout. 
Therefore, I decided to open the book I brought Daddy M brought me for Christmas. Thinner, leaner, Stronger. A full years weight training workout. Three days a week using the weights and bench I also got for Christmas and was left unused. Unfortunately, this didnt get my heart rate up high enough for me to feel like I completed a decent workout. Thats when I decided to commit to the couch to 5K running programme again (free app) along side the weights. Something I have completed in the past. I loved running last year whilst training for the half marathon, but I did not continue after the race. Therefore, I am back to square one! Doh! 
So thats what I am currently doing... lots of everything. Nutrition coaching and kick up the bum from Richie and Rachel (Team RH Fitness) when needed, Weights with Michael Matthews and The Couch to 5k app. 

Life does get in the way, family get togethers, holidays and birthdays, not forgetting redundancy and stress! It is a full lifestyle change and not just a diet. It wont be a quick fix. This is shown already as I am now 5 months into my "change" and not masses of difference...yet! There is change though, and it is finally going in the right direction. I am investing in me with time, and a small amount of financial input, not the hundreds of pounds some companies think you need to spend on improving your life. The only thing I regret is not taking the photos at the start in December... or measurements at the start of March. (I have now taken measurements this morning!). 


I will update randomly on my journey, however you will see monthly weigh in's over on Instagram if you wanted to follow me along there too?

*This is NOT a sponsored post, I just wanted to show a cheaper, more scientifically, educational way of loosing weight!

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