Monday, 1 May 2017

We're Back!!

Well, it seems we may be back!!

I seem to have the drive again to work on my blog. Last year when I started back at full time work I resented the blog. I had agreed to reviews and when they turned up I didn't want to give my precious time to write them up for low value items. Sounds very rude when it is put like that but a lot of time is put into a blog post. The photos, the editing, the advertising. My time vanished and I was exhausted constantly. A lot has happened since September. We have even been on holiday!

I started back at a job that was an hour commute each way and it took its toll. Three months later we decided it wasn't to be and had a few weeks off to enjoy Christmas as a family whilst looking for another role. Another role turned up pretty quick and very close to home for a small business. The commute was much less. Ten minutes door to door, if that. We didn't have set breaks and it was the norm to work through at the desk. I eventually plucked up the courage to slip out and walk around the local park to get away for 30 minutes. Just three months later that company decided to relocate in to its sister company building. Unfortunately this would mean another hour commute each way into Manchester, so would realistically be more then that. I decided to accept the redundancy and thankfully found another role still close to home.
I am now a week in and feel so blessed to work for a great company. We have set breaks and a fair few so hoping to keep my blog ticking over due to the sudden increase in me time. There isn't a park nearby to work now to walk around. In fact, we are in the middle of nowhere which means lots of fields and country roads. These are not safe to walk on as the road is used as a rat run with frequent little speeding delivery vans.

If I am back, it will be to the blog I once loved. The original reason why I started blogging. To capture the memories of the girls growing up. They seem to be growing a lot recently.
The reviews will be much less. For slightly higher value items rather then the pocket money toys as my time is rather limited. (If I get offered any or find something that I feel is worth reviewing). I need to prioritise the girls at the weekends and evenings are pretty manic after collecting at after school club, dinner, and household chores.

So are you still with me??

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