About Us

We are a family of 4, called the M family.

I, the author of this blog am Mummy M.

I am 30, a southerner, originally from Portsmouth, but class myself from Poole, near Bournemouth, as that's where I was a teen, and where I met Daddy M.
I am now a northerner, and have been since 2009. And still cant decide which I prefer, both are amazing places for different reasons.
I am mummy to J and S, who I care for full time. I used to be a banker, working my way up with a high street bank, before trying my hand being a carer for the elderly with dementia in their own homes, and becoming one of those annoying people selling mobile phones with another big company in a high street store, which is where I ended my last job, to watch my babies grow up before they started school. I plan to return to work when S starts school.

We also have Daddy M,

Daddy M is 33, and a northerner. He has lived in New Zealand for a year, and down south for 6-9months which is where we met. Daddy M is one of the lucky ones, and has his dream job of being an airline pilot, for a well known airline.
He works hard, and I get rewarded by not having to work. Thank you Daddy M. His shifts are very unsociable, but allows him a good amount of days off to enjoy spending time as a family.

J the eldest

J is my eldest daughter, born in October 2009. Making her almost 7. She is very strong willed, but so gentle, she is into everything girly, especially party dresses, painted nails, princesses and fairies.

and S, the youngest.

S is my youngest, who was born in January 2012, and with Kidney Reflux. She is also very strong willed, and stubborn. I can only describe her a whirlwind, as she leaves a path of destruction behind her.... She can also be sweet and gentle, when she wants to, and loves copying her sister. She enjoys playing with everything girlie too, but also enjoys cars, dinosaurs and bugs.

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