Monday, 24 February 2014

A little background information....

I've just realised that I have gone straight into blogging without an intro into our little family, and after reading other blogs, people do give a little bit of background. So here is our story....
Daddy and I met back in May 2006 in Bournemouth, and yes we are one of those rare couples that actually met in a nightclub! I lived down there, (I'm a southerner) and daddy (the northerner) was down there for study. We hit it off straight away, and by February/March 2007 Daddy popped the question on the cliff tops over looking the sea, and of course I said yes!
Then in March/April 2007 we moved up to Luton for daddy's job. (Daddy is very restricted where he can work due to the speciality of his job). Luton brought a lot of ups and downs for us, as we only had one real good friend there, and 160 miles in opposite directions to our families. So after 18months, we decided to move further up north, in January 2009, which was the best thing we could have done.

Since moving up, we've had hardly any downs, and lots of ups, we started planning the wedding, then J decided to surprise us, so we had to push it back another 6months as maternity pay would throw a spanner into the works of saving. In Oct 2009, J made a very slow but worrying appearance into the world, (my waters contained meconium so was pretty scary, especially as she didn't want to come out).

Then in November 2010 I gave up work, and became a SAHM, and we finally tied the knot with all our close family and friends, and jetted off for our honeymoon.

In 2011 we realised we wanted another child, so the fun began, and 4months later we had the news S would be born in Jan 2012. This labour was so much different, she almost came in the Trafford centre, whilst we were shopping. A quick dash to a different hospital to which I was registered and within 15mins of arriving S was in my arms. (with no pain relief, very proud of that!) :-)

3 days after being home with S we realised something wasn't right, she would cry constantly, and it wasn't colic, and something just didn't seem right, after calling the midwife out, she tried to reassure us it was colic, 4 weeks later, and after all the anti colic stuff, she was still the same, this was around the time gripe water was extremely hard to find! :-/ after 3 months of persevering, my mothers instinct kicked in, and I was up the drs almost every day, we tried gaviscon, as they then thought she had silent reflux due to her vomiting, that caused her more pain, due to the stools changing.
After another 2 months of back n forth, they sent us to A+E as I was getting very annoyed at this point at the lack of what they could do. On entering they checked her urine, and that's when they realised she had a UTI. Which soon turned out to be the first of many. After we got one cleared up, a few days later, she would have another. After her 3rd UTI, we finally got sent for tests, where they scan the kidneys whilst filling her bladder with a sterile solution. She kept retaining the liquid, which wasn't good. Then we went for another one, where they had to inject radioactive solution into her so they could see something else with her kidneys. (I cant remember the name of that one, but was worrying a little 6month baby having that done.)

All the tests pointed to kidney reflux.... finally an answer! (Where the urine goes back up to the kidneys instead of being emptied through the bladder)
She is now on a nightly antibiotic to keep any infections at bay, and so far so good. She is now a healthy little toddler. If I hadn't been so perseverant she may have had damage, and things could be worse, so I always trust my mothers instinct now.
They are talking of taking her of the antibiotics once she is potty trained to see if she has out grown the reflux, that is great news, but also fills me with dread... what if she does still have it? And the next UTI does cause scarring? I'm just going to have to approach that when potty training kicks in... which wont be long as S is already showing some signs.

J suffers from speech problems, as when she was younger her eardrum was covered by thick hard wax, so she's learnt to speak without hearing properly, that has since been suctioned out, again a lot of pushing to have that done, as the drops didn't work, but now we are having a battle with the speech therapists to get her seen. She was last seen in September, and she starts school soon. She speaks, in fact she doesn't shut up, its just not clear to everyone what she says. Close family and friends understand her, but others don't, I don't want her to be left out in school or left behind.... does a mothers worry ever stop?

I'm sure both will be fine, and its just my fears. But that is the background to us.


  1. How small do the girls look - so cute! x

  2. They were very small... I miss those days, but I'm glad they can now wrap their arms around my neck and give cuddles back! :-)

  3. Awe how tiny do they look here


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