Sunday, 23 February 2014

CAKE... who doesnt like cake??

Today was the last day off before J goes back to nursery tomorrow, so we wanted to "chill" or relax, but with 2 kiddies under 5, is that possible??

Daddy was working, and we needed something to occupy the girls after a quick cleaning session,  
quick raid of the cupboards, and we had just enough butter for one large cake or several cup cakes, some fondant icing soon going off, some dried fruit, and lots of smarties.... so CAKE it was, who doesn't like cake?
J had the choice of a big or lots of little cakes, and she wanted a big cake for Daddy M. So I pre-measured all the ingredients out, pulled out the step stool and the blender. (I'm a lazy mummy!) and called the girls in, quick hand wash and aproned up, and we were off.

S was straight into the sugar with her hands, whilst J kept telling her off, I got them to name all the ingredients that they were pouring in, and then the fun part of turning the blender on!
After it was all mixed up, I then asked how they were to get the mixture into the tin. So they slowly started to spoon it in... this was going to take a while, after a little bit of time had passed, I tipped it up for them so they could pour it in.
Then came the best bit... licking the bowl and spoon!

Once it had cooked, and was cooling J asked to sniff the cake..... strange child! But it did smell good!
 Then came prepping the cake for the icing, we had ran out of butter so couldn't coat with buttercream, so instead coated with jam.

 Then came rolling out the fondant, I accidentally rolled over J's thumb, so got told to go away... she did a good job by herself!

...... Then the decorating

This is a picture of daddy, eyes, nose smile, arms and legs, mummy m interferedand started putting some around the edge, as I didn't realise what she was doing, so I got told off again... naughty mummy!!

Then the best bit.... Great Grandad I, Grandma and Grandad M came over to try a piece of J's daddy cake! And she got thumbs up all around!

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