Saturday, 22 February 2014

Enjoying the sun...

Today the sun came out to greet us after the frequent showers yesterday... and we had the added bonus that daddy M didn't get called off his standby for work! Hooray!! So we decided to make the most of it, and head of to Walton gardens in Warrington.

We gave S the chance to go on her scooter, or the electric trike, she wanted neither, and preferred to walk! Whereas J decided she would take advantage of having both mummy and daddy around and took her balance bike she got for Christmas. She's almost 4 1/2 and has a normal bike but no confidence on it, a slight wobble, and she's emotional! We parked up by the church so tight mummy didn't have to pay for parking again, and we get the extra little walk.

Once we arrived at Wally gardens, the girls wanted to look at the map... they have some strange obsession with maps!! So after looking we decided to go the long way around to get to the zoo and play park, meaning the girls will get tired... and Jess gets more practice on her bike! Win, Win :-)

On our longer walk, we came across a very large tree trunk... thinking this would be a great photo opportunity, I picked both girls up to stand on top of it. The result.... two not very impressed girlies...

So off we went to the childrens zoo... this is one of the perks of Walton gardens... free childrens zoo, and a great park. What kids don't like trying to chase the ducks, turkeys and peacocks that roam freely, whilst looking for the sheep, goats, donkeys, various other types of birds and ferrets?

 The peacocks took a liking to S and wanted to show her all their eyes.....
 more than once.....
 The girls even found one of the birds feathers...

Whilst we were in the zoo part, there was a very slight slope, which J suddenly got a big burst of confidence and started to lift both her feet of her balance bike at the same time FOR THE FIRST TIME!! And we gladly caught it all on camera....
This is a big thing for J, as the year previously for Christmas she got a real pedal bike, and after falling off she lost all confidence to get back on it, so we went back to basics and got her the balance bike this year. Taking it at her own pace, has been slow, but its proving to work... and she cant hide that grin... :-)


After the Zoo we headed to the park, it was very busy and were lucky enough to get a swing for the girls, which always brings fits of laughter from both.... especially when Daddy M is in control....

Can you tell this is the face of a teething tot? Distraction is a great thing!! And this is one of my favourite pictures of today!

After the park, we decided to treat the girls to an ice cream... the reason? The sun had come out to say hello... J choose an ice lolly.... S choose a ice cream tub.... HOWEVER.... J also ended up with a 99'er.... (why do they call them that when it no longer costs 99p??) Anyway... she ended up with 2 because she didn't like the ice lolly, after trying it, and giving it a good go, she put it in the bin, her eyes whelled up... and she looked so upset that she missed out... so Daddy M went back to the ice cream van to buy another.... one very lucky girl!!
That ice cream all went though.....

S felt left out that J got a 2nd ice cream, but thankfully J shared willingly and we avoided any tantrums!
Then it was a walk up the hill, for J to have one last go down it the back to the car, with a very tired S who is going through the refusing to nap stage again....
This was another good day in the February half term, ready for J to return back to nursery on Monday, even better was that Daddy M could share it with us.
I'm linking this blog up to Ethan's Escapades as J's little steps on her balance bike, means amazing times ahead!

Ethans Escapades

Country Kids from Coombe Mill Family Farm Holidays Cornwall Also linking up with country kids, as it was a great day outside!


  1. Such a lovely family day out and a great achievement for J in building her confidence on her balancing bike - I'm sure she will be ready for the peddle bike in no time. Walton Gardens seems ideal for family fun, a park, animals and plenty of space, thanks for linking up and sharing your outdoor fun with Country Kids.

  2. Wow, what a lovely day out! It looks like so much fun. And yay for good weather :D x

  3. It was a really good day, we are so lucky to have a great park so close.

  4. Lovely. Great idea too, think we might go back to a balance bike for our 6 year old if they make them big enough...?! over from #SSAA

  5. How lovely that you captured the moment on camera. We have yet to master the bike, but we'll get there :)

  6. Balance bikes are fab in gaining confidence. The improvement we have seen with J has made the purchase worthwhile, hoping she will be riding with no stabilisers by next summer.

  7. It looks like you had a great afternoon and it's fantastic that the zoo is free. We would be there all the time if we had a free zoo ;0). Well done J for getting the hang of your balance bike, sometimes a little step back means you can make a massive step forward.

    Thanks for linking up with Small Steps Amazing Achievements :0)

  8. That looks like a fabulous day out - more to see than we got on the beach anyway!

    I keep looking at balance bikes - think we need to sort something out for Smallest this summer, so that she can learn to ride before Tigerboy is ready to try.

    Over from #SSAmazingAchievements


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